Psychic Pokemon

36823246pokemonPsychic Pokemon is a role-playing video game utilizing our imagination to enter into alternate realities where we identify with archetypal characters and do battle with them. In fact Psychic Pokemon is based on the concept that “war” is an inevitable part of human reality. The success of Psychic Pokemon is obvious; we simply love to play and using a mixed cocktail of aggressive traits and imaginative capacities is both challenging and fun. As we tune into our game character our aim is to capture as many different “creatures” as possible and train them to fight on our side. The deeper we enter the game, the more we are able to embellish on the rules and win battles. Psychic Pokemon builds up our excitement for as we evolve astuteness and creative abilities to get to the top of the pile, we start to win. Are you reminded of something? Could Psychic Pokemon be compared to life itself, where imaginative abilities, crafty attitudes and self-aggrandizement sustain a successful player? The stock market could be a reflection of these attitudes, as could war, in fact anything that uses imagination, astuteness and aggression to win over enemies is a self-creating game. Psychic Pokemon is no doubt fun, and “a gas” for a user to play. It is indeed a way to vent our aggression in other words. However it is certainly not the Ultimate Game.

To play the Ultimate Game we need to return to some metaphysical concepts my friends. One of them is that thought creates reality, and the Law of Attraction shapes our lives. The “thought is creative” theory sustains our personal reality is our life perception. The religions of the world have always known this, which is why spirituality encourages selflessness and kind and loving attitudes to create a positive lifestyle. The fact is we know aggressive thoughts turn us against people and inevitably make us miserable. The Law of Attraction maintains that a sacred, magnetic force field merges with our imagination, pulling into our lives what we perceive. If we perceive good, we experience joy. If we perceive bad we live stressful lives where things have a tendency to go wrong. Free will is the driving force behind all our choices, and choosing love is our ultimate responsibility. Therefore could the enfoldment of our destiny be based on our perceptions of reality alone? Eventually we will all have to choose whether we want to play life “alla Psychic Pokemon” or whether we want to build on love and peace, and create an Ultimate Game. Being kind is not easy. Every day we are subjected to negative images, and media reports on war, crime, the financial meltdown, government corruption etc. These events affect us greatly. They play on our moods and choices, sometimes totally defining our reality. How can we be peaceful if the world is at war? How can we spread loving attitudes when “life is out to get us?” We go down to the gym to vent our pent up aggression or we play another game of Psychic Pokemon, which is frankly a better thing to do than attacking a traffic warden, but are these stress relieving tactics our only solution?

In the popular Matrix film, humanity is trapped in delusion, living in a computerized world ruled by machines that feed off human energy. The Matrix film is popular because in some way we see it as a metaphor of our society, a society where conspiracy theories abound, and the “Joe Bloggs” of this world are left drowning their miseries in the pub, down the gym, or in front of the computer playing Psychic Pokemon. But could life be a game too? And could the real winners be those who play the Ultimate Game, the Spiritual Game? Will the meek, as the Bible says, really inherit the earth? In the final analysis only we can decide how we wish to experience life. But for sure, the more we identify with war and aggression, and use one-upmanship and dodgy tactics to build up fame and riches, the more mayhem will unleash around us. The crash of Wall Street and the corruption scandals that ensued are an example of this. Metaphysical teachers throughout the centuries have told us to meditate, to calm down our nervous systems, to have faith in a “higher power” to choose love over hate, good over evil. In Indian philosophy Maya is the illusion, an illusion we need to step outside of if we wish for happiness. Perhaps we could start to win the Ultimate Game by recognising truth from delusion, assessing what is really important to us and what is not. Perhaps we need to educate our children to be aware their imagination is a powerful tool for the good, and can create a new world where knife crime and excessive competitive traits are healed. To many it is more than evident that we are moving into a new era of awareness slowly, painfully, but irrevocably. The emergence of Obama on the world scene, the interest people show in UFOs, alternate realities and the New Sciences such as Quantum Physics are a measure of such change. So should we play Psychic Pokemon? Well yes, why not? Everything we do is affected by our attitude; the trick is not to totally identify with any game other than the Ultimate Game, the Game of Love! Now try and work that one out!