Magical Water

19061670magicalwaterSignificance of Water

As you leap into your morning shower, you are probably unaware of the spiritual significance of water. What you do know about water is that you enjoy splashing round the ocean or the local pool, and without it you could not survive. You also know that life initiated in the ocean millions of years ago, and that the human body is 55 percent water and 70 percent of that extraordinary liquid covers this planet. Babies and small children have more water in their bodies than adults, and strangely women have a lower percentage than men, even though their thoughts are “watery” and more emotional. But it also might surprise you to learn that water contains a very special message for humanity locked within its molecules. In fact water could be described as the mirror of our souls? Farfetched? Dr Masaru Emoto does not think so. He is a visionary Japanese researcher who teaches us how water has a far deeper significance that we could imagine in his book “The Message of Water”.

Dr Masaru Emoto

What Dr Emoto gets up to in his laboratory could seem like “hocus pocus” at first glance, but in reality he is registering changes in water molecules by freezing them into snow flake-type crystals and then examining them under a microscope equipped with an imbedded camera. What the crystal photographs show is that frozen water demonstrates a rich multiplicity of form, as per the common snowflake. But Dr Emoto’s experiments are rather special; you see he has created a system that mirrors our environment, as well as humanity’s emotional states and moods.

Dr Emoto first initiated his investigative process by freezing water from lakes, mountain streams and unpolluted stretches of the ocean. The frozen water extracted from these sources showed up as exquisite mini crystals, as we said, similar to snowflakes. However when he extracted water from polluted sources, like industrial waste outlets, household pipes and dams the crystalline flakes were hideously distorted when photographed! Dr Emoto continued this research by also investigating human emotions, and how they affect water especially after seeing water’s crystalline formations degenerate when extracted from polluted water sources.


Mr. Emoto and his team of researchers typed negative words on to labels and stuck them to bottles filled with water, leaving them to freeze over night. The crystalline structures from water frozen in these bottles were photographed by that camera embedded in the microscope. The results were astounding. Not only did the bottles with negative words attached to them show up as extremely deformed crystalline structures, but further experiments using bottles of water standing next to sound speakers playing beautiful classical music, or left in a shrine or church, manifested exquisite crystalline configurations that were a joy to behold. Obviously, the result of his experiments was that positive words, or prayers and hymns stimulated a conglomeration of harmonious crystalline patterns. It was as if water had its own intelligence, which reacted to our thoughts, almost as if water could hear us! Therefore the spiritual perception that each thought we emanate has a huge effect on our environment and those around us, can be proved by Dr Emoto’s simple experiments. But how can you create your own healing water crystals? These are basic instructions.

1. Acquire a new clean water spray bottle, you can find one in retail stores or chemists.

2. Remove any stickers from the bottle

3. Fill the bottle with clean or mineral water.

4. Place it near a sound speaker, and play a beautiful piece of music. Play this music so that you can hear it within the room. Therefore the water is receiving the vibrations.

5. With a marker write on the bottle some beautiful words, like love, luck, happiness, or wealth. You can write specific messages too.

6. Place the water in the freezer, and let it freeze overnight.

7. Remove the water and let it thaw. Spray yourself with it every day. As you do this you are injecting the energy from the water crystals into your life. This water can be used as often as you like.

We believe it is worth buying Dr Emoto’s book just to see the beautiful crystalline photographs. They will astound and inspire you. You will also be shocked by the negative crystal formations taken from bad thoughts and polluted sources – the difference is shocking to behold.

Certainly water can only be described as a miraculous substance with its capacity to configure, construct and organize molecules according to our moods, environments and thought forms. So next time you take your shower, thank water for showing you what you really need to know and say thank you. Could its powerful capacity to mirror life on this planet be the key to our evolution?