16575036loveheartsEvery empath knows true spiritual healing comes from the heart, the only place in the human energy field that holds such compassion, such intense love, such dedication to truth.

But many of us believe spirituality is restricted to a gifted few, the mystics, the preachers, the clergy, those human beings who are more evolved in God’s work than we are. But would it surprise you to learn we are all spiritual? For example, a little girl falls and hurts her knee, mum knows exactly how to comfort her, and dry her tears. Why? Well, love is a magic potion, love IS spirituality. Friends become spiritual when they heal each other, when you feel blue and confide in your mate, her listening skills make you feel so much better. Love is an instinctive “compassionate reaction” and creates a protective energy field around ourselves and our beloved ones. But the greatest spirituality often grows within suffering, a terrible suffering that seems impossible to bear, a suffering that could make us believe we might never recover again, yet somehow we find the courage not only to recover, but to manifest a greater life.

Azim Khamisa

Azim Khamisa had immigrated to America. He and his family had been driven out of Idi Amin’s Africa. Fleeing from severe repression against the Asian people he had hoped to build a new life in the States. His greatest shock was to come, for in the USA he would lose his only son. The boy had been lured to a bogus address and was ambushed there by gang members and shot dead by a 14 year old boy. The pain was so intense, Azim left his body, and fell into an altered state of consciousness. He sort of collapsed into the arms of God. He told CMN TV that God had somehow administered to his pain. He was able to function to some extent, but for months Azim could not sleep or eat, he felt suicidal. He was living “in the front line of a war zone”, a nightmare where kids killed kids. Spirituality was probably the last thing on his mind. Yet Azim told CMN TV that when he had fallen into the arms of God, he had felt such love he realised his unconscious mind must have given up on vengeance. In fact he says he must have made a decision to find forgiveness in his heart, and that decision would blossom as his life continued.

He quoted Gandhi’s “Become the change you want to be” over and over again to himself, that saying permeated his life yet for months he was still devastated. Yet, for all his indescribable suffering, Azim did not given into the pain, instead; he wanted to find something good within all that horror. He wanted to see beauty grow out of terror. His spirituality had become so intense and it would get even more extreme as the months turned into years.

Azim began to visit his boy’s killer in jail and in that process created a foundation in his son’s name, a foundation that taught angry, sociopath kids that love could be the answer. The foundation literally picked young people off the streets and taught them heroism is not about carrying guns and knives in their pockets. It taught them there is an alternative to such extremes and that alternative could have something to do with an evolving spirituality and the realisation that life has value.

Eventually, Azim joined forces with the local police and authorities and together they started to reach out to youth crime in Los Angeles, in that process saving those who might have died in the same violent circumstances as his own son. Azim’s was a true spirituality, a profound definition of love which is the only answer to suffering.

Modern Day Spirituality

If we could move beyond self interest, spirituality would permeate the very tissue of our existence – we could change the world. Hopefully we will never have to suffer like Azim, but what we can do is reach out to those who do, those who hurt, those who have lost everything, those who have given up on hope. The logical, the sceptics, those who believe only in the material world might say getting involved in spirituality is sheer foolishness. Yet we live in times of great global unrest and fear. So perhaps spirituality can offer a healing balm, another concept of reality that brings us out of ourselves, deep into the hearts of others. Friendship, loving relationships, good mothering, getting involved in a charity, or like Azim, creating a foundation out of terrible loss are solutions, wonderful solutions that ease the horrors of social injustice, crime, and poverty. For Azim, spirituality could be compared to a phoenix rising from the flames, for he had based his resurgence on the belief that nothing could destroy him or the memory of his beloved son, unless he let it. His spirituality administered sense to a senseless killing.

Azim told his son’s killer that he had forgiven him completely. Out of the ugliness something exquisite was born. Azim’s spirituality was to become a torch leading many others away from their darkness.