Psychic Predictions


What wonders we all are! Most psychic predictions could tell you that. Psychic predictions could also tell you that every nanosecond millions of electric volts past through your cells, whirling you around your life, keeping your heart beating, your lungs breathing, your brain thinking. They could also tell you that this energy will go on vibrating within you, in all its glory, till it is time for you to leave this planet You see psychic predictions can sense, feel, almost touch the frequencies spinning around your body, within your auric field and the electromagnetic vibe of your “being-ness”. Psychic predictions might not be able to scientifically decipher the construction of that energy like scientists, but they can pick up on its sensations and call them love frequencies, or Great Spirit. That energy has been deciphered by scientists as scalar energy 200 years ago. To try and understand the scalar equation would be as hard as understanding the principles of quantum mechanics. Yet it is one of the major keys to life and it explains all the multifaceted frequencies not only passing through solid objects but nurture all life manifestations through trillions of cells.

From a metaphysical perspective psychic predictions would tell you that no matter how the scientific fraternity describe these energies and what complex equations they use to do it, we are in essence all One. Yet still, we need to find our unique way in the world, understand what is right for us, as nobody else can experience as we do or, or make the choices we need to make to enhance our evolution in the good and the bad.

The Divine

Evolved psychic predictions would tell you that few understand how the mystery of the Divine actually manifests, whether it be through scalar waves or the metaphysical perspectives of All that is, the Absolute or unconditional love. However psychic predictions could tell us that as soon as we start to open our hearts, feel love for our brothers and sisters, for every manifestation of life, whether it be the leaves of a tree, the waves on the ocean, the wild flowers in the field or our pet cat Pinkie, we will have found our path, our true path. It would be every psychic’s dream to be able to transmit the beauty of that aforementioned truth to you, whether you are suffering the loss of someone you love, you have not heard from a son or daughter for months, you do not know where the next penny is coming from, or you doubt whether your boyfriend will ever ask you to marry him. However if you realize at some stage that by living your life in service to others, not only will you become sublimely happy but know the true meaning of unconditional love, you will feel you have come home.

Most psychic predictions perceive the uniqueness of your destiny and life’s purpose. You see, empaths have often taken an oath to help their fellow man. Many mediums for example, have also had to deal with their own personal challenges and in that process learnt wisdom and compassion. However, if for one minute they can ease your load, you can be sure they will be only too happy to do so with their psychic predictions.