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For those of you who have metaphysical style oozing out of your pores, who like to burn candles to the Goddess, whisper magic spells and consult the tarot cards, there is one tarot card that will have you reaching for the creme de menthe. Emotional, confusing, glorious and downright ambiguous, what is that tarot card called? Well folks three guesses? Aww come on stop deciding, it is The Lovers of course. There he is cupid and his arrow or Mr Lurve in person, driving us to the brink with sentimental choices. There he is the same young guy on virtually all styles of tarot, all to do with Greek mythology, which we won’t go into for now. There he is Mr Dude standing in front of two women, two trees, one serpent and a couple of apples and he is worried, very worried.

When The Lovers Appear in Tarot

So what gives when the Lovers tarot card appears in a layout? Well, other than meaning we are probably being floored by Cupid’s arrow and having to face the mini-trauma that a sentimental angel wafting over our souls might symbolize, this tarot card asks us point blank whether it was really our plan to fall in love. This tarot card also asks us to decide if love is really nothing but trouble and if and how, we are going to handle it? “Even a fool can fall in love”, the old song goes and let’s face it we are all fools when it comes to that tingling up and down our spine, that thumping heart, that cold sweat and those butterflies in our tummy.

The Lovers Tarot Card

The Lovers tarot card although emblematic of falling “hook line and sinker”, tells us we are in trouble, wonderful trouble. Darn it, we have to make a choice! We have step into love or walk away from it. Choose an old over a new lover, choose a marriage or an affair. Choose home and mum, over living with our anti conformist and very passionate new boyfriend? In short, the Lovers tarot card asks us if we really want to stand up for what we believe, or just give into the pressure of what is expected of us.

The Lovers Tarot Card Images

In most of the packs, the Lovers tarot card depicts an angel wafting over our heads, helping us make scary choices and Mr. Angel is a very powerful metaphysical force, that will guide us to the next stage of our life, even to our soul mate if we let him. That challenging angelic figure looming over our rather confused young chappie on the Lovers tarot card makes sure a choice is made. His name is Archangel Raphael and Mr. R for Raphael is all about news, messages and making sense of what is senseless. (We never choose who we fall in love with now do we?) Most people hate to make any sort of choice. Do I become a brain surgeon or a hairdresser? Do I wear that red or black dress? Do I eat pasta or rice? Do I get a doggie or a pussy cat for company? Do I go on holiday to Cyprus or Bognor, and will I end up making a right choice about anything at all in my life ever?

The Lovers, is the one tarot card that clarifies the phrase, “And who said love was easy?” The Lovers tarot card falls under the sign “of wind in your face” air sign Gemini.

So basically, other than falling in love and not being able to sleep a wink we become frighteningly confused. This tarot card tells us that all can be resolved if we grow up and stop vacillating about a simple point of view. It tells us that it is useless getting upset when we fall in love with Reg and his beer belly, rather than Romeo the fab. Italian life guard all dark, Latin and whisky-a-go-go because the Lovers tarot card makes sure we know true sentiment has something to do with the “folks up there in the sky”, the divine forces and that inexplicable magic called LOVE. An amazing force that chooses us, rather than us choosing it

The Meaning

What the Lovers tarot card is essentially saying is that soon, very soon, we will fall in love with ourselves, with Reg, with a new job or with the puppy in the window, in fact something will move us to our cores and change us like we have never been changed before. The Lovers tarot card might look bland, certainly not all traumatic like The Devil or Death Cards, but make no mistake it is dynamite! It means that we are standing on the edge of an immense change, we are becoming grownups, we are choosing, we are deciding if we are ready to fall in love or not basically. But the trick is realizing that we are not choosing anything after all, that the choice is in fact a terrible illusion, because love is greater than choice. Love is all about starlit skies, magic moonlight, beauty in the eye of the beholder and a deep commitment that moves our souls and makes sense of senseless lives, at least for a while.

So just for now let’s call a spade a spade, and romance, romance shall we? Yippee for The Lovers tarot card and the chances we are ready to take because of it. It sure makes us inclined to party till cupid aims at our hearts yet again and we get even more confused!