Free Physic

19174933creepyFinding a free physic is not that difficult. We can tune into a free physic through the internet or the phone, especially when there is a special offer. Or we can pop over to see our mate who does the odd tarot reading and ask her to do a little spread just to have a laugh. In other words, we can find solutions to finding a free physic, all of them enjoyable. But the question is how does a professional free physic keeps her faculties in tune, as she utilizes her gifts for us?

A physic works through her chakra system to channel information. Spiritual energy flows down from her crown into her root chakra. But to maintain the flow she needs a balanced energy field, in other words she must polish each chakra “squeaky clean” so she can continue to “spin into the metaphysical” and keep her gifts honed in!

Chakra System

Not only does a physic’s chakra system need to remain as clear as possible, but yours does too. One way to cleanse chakras is simply to shower often, especially if you have been close to negative people or energies. Imagine the water flowing over you as cosmic light polishing your central nervous system. Scrubbing sea salt into the skin is another way of de-toxing, in fact cleansing the root chakra with appropriate herbs and almond oil, when you have a cold will speed up healing. Popping a few drops of Crab Apple Bach Flower essence into the bath will also maintain a pure aura and detox from negative energy. To help balance your energy field even more, visualize the colours of the chakras from the first, which is red through to the second – orange, the third – yellow into the green heart chakra, the sky blue throat chakra and the indigo third eye and then on and up into the violet crown chakra. After you have visualized these colours imagine heavenly starlight entering your crown chakra penetrating your lungs, passing into your blood stream and then deep into each cell and atom. Imagine that light cleansing each molecule of your being at the deepest level possible. At this stage, deep breathing is recommended again and on the out breath let go of even more negative thoughts as the dust and grime finally leaves your body.


If life is not going well for you, examine your thinking processes and see your negativity as dark knots. These “knots” are the thoughts that hold back your life’s mission. Close your eyes and go into a state of deep relaxation to identify where those knots actually are. If you see one in your heart the problem might have to do with childhood trauma. Somehow your sentiments are profoundly hurt and need healing. So imagine that heart knot untwisting and melting in the light of cosmic love. As you use your imagination to work thru unravelling some of those “knotty issues”, a sense of joy, gratitude and deep relaxation will fill you and you will naturally draw good into your life. Most physics will do such types of exercises at least twice a week and some who work assiduously with clients, every morning and evening.

So you see, a reading is not only about deciphering the future, it is about increasing your wisdom, happiness and success. “Enough is enough” of all those “skew whiff” events “twisting up” your life! Ask the help of a good psychic to spot where negative responses are creating hold ups to romance, finances and luck and you can then use the detox systems above to improve your lifestyle.

In the final analysis, the quicker you realize your body is a throbbing light frequency, with magical antenna vibrating out into the world all your thoughts, hopes and dreams, the sooner you will attract happy situations into your life, any free physic would tell you that!.