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19076504wwweyeHow much do we really want to discover our true nature? How much do we really want to know what is going on inside of us? Do we ever ask ourselves whether we are inter-relating with only a small part of reality? That our consciousness is so limited, we shut down to the multi dimensionality of life within and around us? Nowadays, both scientists and spiritual seekers are experimenting with a substance called DMT to go deeper into the meaning of consciousness.




Wikipedia reports on Dimethyltryptamine or N, N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) as follows. “DMT is created in small amounts by the human body during normal metabolism by the enzyme tryptamine-N-methyltransferase. Many cultures, indigenous and modern, ingest DMT as a psychedelic in extracted or synthesized forms. A laboratory synthesis of DMT was first reported in 1931, and it was later found in many plants.”

More recently plant substances have been taken orally by both scientists and testers to understand the meaning of DMT.As a result, experimenters “travelled” into diverse realities where they met angels and beings that guided them, or entered into sub atomic worlds where they finally understood the nature of reality.”

So what does DMT have to do with free online psychics? Well, many psychics are visionary people, who open themselves out to profound spiritual insight through meditations or vision quests. During these “quests” they sometimes communicate with angels or beings of light that travel through the “universes” to be with them, may be to help a) a suffering soul or b) stimulate free online psychics to “see” into the future. Interestingly, some free online psychics have experienced multifaceted realities from an early age, and do not have the same doubts many of us nurture about the mysteries of reality, may be because of their own tangible metaphysical experiences, which are so often rejected by the sceptics, and mainstream science.

Dr John Hagelin PhD

However, Dr John Hagelin PhD, a world renowned quantum physicist states that “the mind is structured in layers from superficial to a profound, and if we use the mind in very superficial or ordinary manner, we can barely move a speck of dust across a table top. In other words, we have limited power. But at the deepest level of consciousness we can create universes! At the deepest levels, in fact, there are the worlds of our atoms, of our “selves”, multiple, different worlds that have their own language, their own mathematics.”

Hagelin continues, “The deepest level of truth discovered by both science and philosophy is the level of Unity, a sub atomic level where you and I are one!”

Free online psychics work from the dimension that goes beyond separation, appearances, fear and doubt regarding life beyond death. Free online psychics connect to the same energy that stimulates indigo children for example. Some might say the more gifted free online psychics operate on a very high vibrational level, which proffers a clear perception of the multi dimensional nature of the universe. In fact some free online psychics are indigo children who have grown up!

A young individual who uses her thinking processes to access high energy levels is the amazing, prophetic and internationally recognized 13 year old indigo child Akiane. She is the only known child binary genius regarding realistic art and poetry, has been selected as “one of the 20 most accomplished visual artists in the world by Tribute Entertainment (London) and ABI (United States). She is also a “Kids Hall of Fame inductee” and the “World Council for Gifted and Talented Children inductee”.

A bestselling author of two books “Akiane: Her Life, Her Art, Her Poetry” and “My Dream is Bigger than I – Memories of Tomorrow” she says “when I was four I had many visions of meeting God, and as I started to draw, God gave me more ideas that I do not know the meaning of, like the pyramids. As I got older I knew that God was helping me with my art and poetry. He is taking care of me like a little butterfly, I like him, he is everything that I have and when I think of that I have a good feeling because he is in every poem that I write every painting that I paint!”

Perhaps when we “acknowledge” the beauty that is our universe, we begin to experience the excitement, wonder and enthusiasm of an Indigo child. We can but try to shift our consciousness on a little, and next time we go for a reading with free online psychics open ourselves out to the miraculous nature of our universe, a universe that vibrates in the night sky above our heads forever and ever!