Psychic Tests

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Psychic tests become rather “old hat” procedures if we do not take into consideration the Ascension Process, by this we refer to the current world-wide raising of becausemic love consciousness. The Ascension Process castes a new light on psychic tests, due to its evolved way of identifying metaphysical skills. In fact, current psychic tests do not just draw attention to a psychic’s capacity to “see” into a situation or event, but rather a capacity to tune into metaphysical “experiences” such as profound spirituality, magical vision and unconditional love, which are just as important, if not more so, than seeing into the future.

But what is the Ascension Process in of itself? Well, its aim is knowing the Higher Self and aligning with the heart chakra, where pure and unconditional love resides. The Ascension Process is also about connecting to positive inner energies rather than stressful external situations that block us, stopping us from believing we can create something new for humanity, perhaps even a life enhancing moral code based on the power of love and higher wisdom.

Of course, many of us are ready to take a new perspective on reality these days. We sense we can cultivate inner beauty and power. We realize we are living in phenomenal times and that once we go beyond personal drama, let go of who we “think” we are and become who we would love to be, we can express extraordinary paranormal skills. We can also take psychic tests to evaluate how far we have come along the road to spiritual awakening, but again it has to be said that these psychic tests are only important if they can ensure spiritual maturity. New-type psychic tests often take a look into the empath’s understanding of the human condition, her capacity to empathize, her skills in picking up auric complexities and the way she deciphers individual life purpose rather than seeing ghosts, or conjuring up spells!

Old and Modern Day Values

The fact is we would have to be going around with blinkers on not to notice how fast life is changing. Old style values are crumbling around our ears, we cannot “depend” on the “forces that be” to protect us from old age, illness and financial difficulties. There is a need to move on to new pastures now and even more evolved problem solving skills. Therefore, when we seek advice from an empath many of us want her to delve that bit deeper into our lives, to help us understand the “whys” and “wherefores” that pulsate under the surface of our destiny. Bur if we were to discover we truly have the “gift,” we would be better off understanding our physical heart is energetically diverse to our sacred heart. Our sacred heart channels spirals of becausemic rays into our being when we reach up to divine love and through our paranormal experiences and even sometimes psychic tests, we unveil what blocks our evolution and lift ourselves, and others, out of old style visions of perceiving reality, especially as we move on to 2012. So rather than fretting as to whether we pass psychic tests, we would be better off tuning into the Divine within, and our capacity to “see” beyond the veil.

Healing Systems

Nevertheless, if we were to investigate a cross section of the public we would not be that surprised to learn that psychic issues, psychic readings, and psychic tests rivet the majority’s attention. May be because many of us are seeking a return to that “oneness” state, to recharge their energy bodies and deal with the extremes of emotional challenges. There are some very powerful healing systems that can help us do just that, for example, Matrix healing, Vortex healing, Sacred Geometry energy technology, all of them the newest modalities and techniques to help us through the Ascension Process.

In the seventies, the US television hit series “Quantum Leap” depicted Dr Beckett travelling through time to understand himself, in fact leaping from life to life. When he looked into the mirror he saw a face he did not recognize as he experienced each new life. Perhaps figuratively speaking each time we change our way of viewing the world we too take a quantum leap in consciousness and become another person. The fact is many of us our evolving our psychic talents and yes, psychic tests are a measure of that talent. But let us understand that psychic powers can only be of help if we nurture deep compassion and an open heart to the suffering of others.