Does The Devil Exist

19063116sevilWho is the Devil, is he a fallen angel, a frightening entity with horns, a malevolent entity? Is a demonic force really responsible for all the pain, suffering, and violence in the world? Why do people continue to do terrible things to each other when our beautiful planet could be a perfect paradise? We are living in amazing times. We have the capacity to travel to the moon, we have crossed medical frontiers, and many of us are seeking spiritual enlightenment and yet there are still starving, abused people and terrible wars in this world. Is the Devil responsible for all our ills therefore?

Christian Belief

Christians believe evil is a rebellion against God, who is eternal, good, loving and powerful. God created the universe and both angels and human beings and Satan is a dammed and fallen angel of God, “Lucifer” in other words. In fact, it is believed Lucifer is the instigator of all evil due to his vilification of the Almighty. Deepak Chopra, the famous healer, physician and writer has a different opinion. He says, “Love transcends good and bad, and the soul is a place of contrasts, of light and darkness.” On the ABC’s Night time factor he stated, “Freud, the great psychologist, said ‘neurosis and psychosis is the inability to tolerate the fact that we are divine and diabolical at the same time, that we can have forbidden lust on the one hand and unconditional love on the other”. The great psychologist Carl Gustav Jung also talked about the “Shadow”, that part of us that is fearful, even diabolical, and originates in our separation from Divine Source. ”

Deepak Chopra

If we want to understand the nature of evil Deepak adds, “we need to understand our own shadows, and confront them.” Deepak believes religious institutions have idealized guilt and shame, that we collectively create our own obsessions that we project into the world, and call Satan. Deepak believes that healthy people need to confront their own issues, understand themselves and move towards compassion, creativity, passion, insight, inspiration, revelation and understanding that we are all part of God’s Great Mystery. The moment we label that Mystery, Deepak insists, we draw moral confines around it, and fail to understand it in any way.”

However, one could say Deepak still does not explain away the horrors we perpetuate in the name of morality and religion. How can we explain away concentration camps, torture, cruelty to children and animals, terrible prejudices that create suffering? How can a mother murder her own innocent child? How can a terrorist blow up innocent bystanders. What twisted mind engineered nine 9/11? How can students in an American college run rampage, shooting at kids of their own age? Are these people overcome by evil? And is that evil outside of themselves? What encourages these perverse tendencies? Could there really be a demonic force that creates our evil acts?

True Story

A former escort and prostitute Annie Lobert told ABC’s Night time Factor that she tried to seek fame and fortune and fled to Vegas to become a call girl. She had a blast, at first. Yet she was treated badly by her clients, she faced death countless times. She saw ten of her friends die, lost to drugs and murder. She claimed she was held down by super natural demonic beings. She kept hearing voices telling her to kill herself and she knew they were not coming from inside of her. She felt it was a diabolical force speaking to her. She cried out “God save me!” and Christ came to her. As a result Annie has an implicit belief in Satan and a deep love of Christ.

Nobody can deny love is an uncontrollable force. Everyone or anyone can love; even a murderer. Yet, one could say that hate is a force also and it can take us over. Some say evil is born of social conditioning, yet there are cases when evil just manifests, without reason. Therefore some of us feel Jesus and God are mystical forces within our hearts that oppose that evil and we have experienced real miracles as a result of this belief. For what we see is what we become.

Perhaps we need to take responsibility for our bad thoughts and change them to good. God gave us free will and we must acquaint ourselves with it, and use it wisely. Deepak Chopra claims that, “God is beyond good and evil, God is transcendence!” So perhaps if we live according to the Law of Love and withhold our attention from the evils of “demonic forces” we will transform into enlightened beings of light.

Whether you believe in the Devil and his legions of demons or not, one thing is for sure, you will not want to encounter evil actions. You will want to improve your life and evolve your existence instead. We believe using God’s love to discover all the good in your life is the wisest course of action, in other words, give the Devil a miss!