Animal Psychic

63325421catAn animal psychic is a unique individual, who not only understands the workings of an animal’s heart and mind, but is knowledgeable about the messages of the natural world. For sure, she or he is “wised up” enough on the comings and goings of Mother Nature. She translates Her language, and helps us unravel Her mysteries.

Mother Nature

In his book the “Hidden Wisdom of Animals”, Ted Andrews states, “Mother Nature is very wise and provides many signs for us. We just have a tendency to ignore those signs or refuse to acknowledge them. We are much too rational, much too civilized, to believe in such a possibility. Yet deep within each of us is a part that not only hopes but also knows this is true. Nature does speak to us and if we learn to understand her we will find things running far more smoothly in our lives.”

An animal psychic will lead us to that type of understanding. She or he will tell us that when we see a fox in our back yard it is because the creature has come to show us what is hidden from our field of vision, and perhaps we will be able to see truthfully as a result of its popping in!

An animal psychic will remind us that the raven informs of new opportunities coming to teach us that we too have magical abilities and can change our reality, if we dare to shape shift into something we have always yearned for.

The animal psychic will rejoice when the presence of sweet little fire flies makes itself felt. The firefly is like “The Star” arcane in the tarot cards, it speaks of hope, of healing, of inspiration. It predicts a creative time ahead, a singular time when all we need do is utilise our own creative forces to make life happen just how we want it to unfold.

But there is more. When the earthworm shows up, we might have to work over old ground, dig deep, see where we are going wrong and make changes – in other words get to the root of an issue.

When ants take over the kitchen cupboard, we must avoid the insect repellent and realize that they are telling us to build on our life with hard work and a fundamental belief in our purpose. That no matter what is going on, if we have good intentions we can make great things happen.

Animal Symbols

Ted Andrews also writes about the symbolism of other animal messengers, for example the frog means fertility and new beginnings, the toad shows us that inner strength and new resources will come for sure. The grasshopper leads us on to experience “leaps of happiness”, that the caterpillar is good luck and rebirth and the butterfly is pure joy and health. Even the noble gorilla has much to teach about the strength and generosity of Spirit.

So could it be as Andrews says and the animal psychic proposes, that “once an animal has caught our attention it is for a reason? Perhaps that animal presents us with a specific, personal message. May be its appearance in our lives provides a clue to resolving a problem, or indicate a new course of action”

The animal psychic can always guide us to understanding what that action is and also remind us that every animal speaks a unique language, it is Mother Nature’s language of love!