Psychic Mediums

7233791universehand1What are psychic mediums?

What is our fascination with them? Why have many facets of our society become so attracted to all things metaphysical. Is it a result of our times, the wars, and the financial turbulence that draws us to the mystical? We all know that psychic mediums are those who not only see into the past and present, but acknowledge the existence of spirits and our ability to communicate with them. So frankly, it cannot be denied, not even by the sceptics, that humanity is fascinated by the paranormal. Interestingly, so is our modern media that has tried to depict trance mediumship, mental mediumship, physical mediumship, channelling, contact with spirit guides, angels and fairies, with great success, plus some very entertaining material for us to enjoy and ponder on.

Medium TV Series

Medium is an American series based on the life on one of the most powerful psychic mediums of our times, Allison Dubois who works with the police tracking down and identifying criminals. “Ghost Whisperer” stars the delectable Jennifer Love Hewitt as a beautiful young psychic medium who talks to the dead. Even cartoons depict psychic mediums, like the green Chihuahua who “sees” all things magical in the “Courage the Cowardly Dog”. In the popular film “Sixth Sense” a young boy was very perturbed by the ghosts he saw. In the 2007 film, “The Orphanage” Geraldine Chaplin plays the psychic medium that helps a desperate woman find her missing son. In the television series “Avatar, the Last Airbender”, Aang bridges physical and spirit worlds and can make contact with his past lives. Miles Straume played by Ken Leung in the television series “Lost” is a medium. The main character, in the 2009 film “Haunting in Connecticut” is a medium.

And what about all those metaphysical video games? for example the Ace Attorney series, where Maya, Pearl, Mia, Misty and Morgan Fey are spirit psychic mediums. Or the 2007 computer game “The Blackwell Legacy”, where Rosangela Blackwell is a medium who inherited the ability from her Aunt Lauren. She connects to her aunt’s “spirit guide”, Joey and they work together to free tortured souls trapped in the material plane.

But above and beyond show biz you might ask what really goes on inside all those psychic mediums heads? Well in the case of trance mediumship, the psychic medium permits themselves to temporarily become a place for a spirit to “hang out” in, as she or he loses all connection with her conscious mind and sinks into a trance state. In conscious mediumship however, psychic mediums know the difference between spirits’ messages and their own minds, as they have worked on themselves, let go of the ego, emotional blockages and any thoughts that could slow down their connection to the spirit coming through.

Connecting to our Spirit Guides & Guardian Angel

One way to connect to your own guardian angel or spirit guide is simply to sit in a chair, breathe deeply, relax, close your eyes, and imagine a bright ball of light above your head. Imagine, this ball of light contains the message of your guide, just focus on the its colour and beauty, and see the first communications emerging in the form of written words, sounds or images. You will be surprised what you can pick up with this simple practice, if you carry it out daily with dedicated belief.

As we connect to the most powerful part of our being, our souls, we understand the enigmatic nature of reality. Could we morph into Allison Dubois if we wanted to? Well perhaps not. For sure we will learn to understand that our modern world has a fascination with all things paranormal and rather than becoming all sceptical about it, we could dare ourselves to open a new door, and have great fun in the process. So why not explore your own psychic medium skills? Go on, take a risk!