Alien Abduction

34814454galaxyReagan once said in a speech to the UN “Our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat!!!!” Perhaps he knew something we didn’t! In any event when it comes to ET’s, some of you have probably heard of Area 51, a top-secret military base in the US that is said to have organised “Encounters of a Third Kind” with ET visitors. It is also considered a prime cog in the UFO wheel, as flying saucers have been “swirling” over Area 51 for years and there is much speculation as to its real function. For now, all we can say is be sceptical by all means, but don’t “close your mind” to what we are about to divulge; even though it could have you reaching for the crme to menthe yet again! So what really happened to Whitley Strieber, the guy who wrote the best selling “Communion” of which the famous movie was made?

Whitley Strieber

First of all, let us say Whitley would certainly be on be the guest list of all those who wonder about our place in the universe. The weird case of Whitley is very well known in UFO circles in fact. Whitley is the author of over twenty bestselling books one of which, “The Greys”, is now a feature film which will be released sometime towards the end of 2009. The film will have us shaking in our seats, because some of the details shown will be more than riveting, they will be shocking. You see, Whitley is considered one of the most high profile alien abduction cases in the world. Whether your belief system can accept his treatise or not, he insists he was indeed abducted in the middle of the night by what he perceived to be Extra-terrestrials. Whitley recently described his first abducted experience in an interview on the Radio Veritas Show,


I had a cabin in upstate New York in an isolated area. In the middle of the night I was awoken by sounds, I would say a sense of movement around me. I found myself in the woods and I was sitting in an area that was full of snow, and I was in my pyjamas, but I was not cold. There were a number of “people” around me dressed in body suits and they had on helmets that covered their faces. I was confused and tried to think. I thought I must be surely dreaming, and yet I could not wakeup. And the next thing I knew I was shot up into the air and I was in a little room. It felt like I was in a tent. I was very confused, I did not know what had happened and how I had gotten into the tent, I am not interested in tents and I had not been in a tent since I was a child. There was an automatic robotic voice that said, “What can we do to help you stop screaming?” I was not thinking of aliens, I was not sure what was happening to me. The next thing I knew I was molested and became terribly panicked and then I had a needle jammed into the side of my head and I was talking to them and trying to stop them doing that. But they wouldn’t stop. Then I remembered basically after all this “Broo Ha Ha”, waking up that morning. When I first woke up I had the feeling I had lived through a riot or something. It was a confusing experience and I was not comfortable physically. The side of my head began to hurt and there was a mark on it like a spider bite. I began to hurt and that night for the first time in my life, as the sun went down I had an ominous frightening feeling, it was ghastly. I did not sleep that night and I was sitting up with a shotgun. I kept having images of inhuman faces. I thought I was psychotic. May be two days after that, I went into New York and I spoke to the doctor. “I said Tom I had this happen to me” and he said, “You are telling me you were taken to a flying saucer,” but I could not believe that it had actually happened.”

Whitley feels people’s treatment of him after the experience was grotesque. He states most people turned their backs on him, and the “powers that be” still ignore alien abductions as a matter of policy. As for the scientific fraternity few would admit to researching it, even if they did. Alien abduction is considered far too wacky and socially unacceptable. This attitude was heart breaking to Whitley at the time, yet most people who have this sort of experience are used to the “Status Quo” ignoring them when they state they have been kidnapped by Aliens, even though there is often much evidence.

Dr Milton Torres kept his UFO secret for 50 years, yet why would a decorated fighter pilot with a degree in Aerodynamics want to make such a story up? After fifty years, he opened up on worldwide TV, mainly because a report was released by the Ministry of Defence in England which asserted that a couple of US jets were ordered to shoot down a UFO over England, and Torres finally felt free to admit he was one of those pilots.

Perhaps we need to accept that there are some things in the sky we don’t understand. That there are aspects of reality we cannot decipher. Whether people are really being kidnapped by Aliens could be called into question, but for sure what happened to Whitley was exceptional, and even if he lied, we have to admire him for his picturesque imagination. Yet somehow, we feel part of his story is true. Which part we cannot say, but we expect you know already!