Card Psychic Reading


Matthew Manning

What does a healer, such as the awesome Matthew Manning have in common with a card psychic reading. After all, a card psychic reading is just some ordinary empath tuning into a set of images depicted on pieces of paper. Or perhaps not! The fact is many of us are of the opinion that a card psychic reading cannot really heal our hearts, our bodies or our minds, it can just report on some aspects of our future, even vaguely. But if we look more closely, we will realize that a humble card psychic reading could be a force to be reckoned with, a force that connects us to the mystery of “consciousness”, a “field” of awareness that some call the Divine, All that Is, God, or the Absolute. The fact is, metaphysical law claims that consciousness is but “one”, a Zero Point splitting into multifaceted states that vibrate at diverse levels. For example, take the animal kingdom, and its repertoire of creatures, or even the human race with its diverse creeds, religions, belief systems and physical characteristics.

Matthew possessed psychic abilities as a child and poltergeist disturbances rocked the domestic tranquillity of his middle class home. Objects fell of shelves and loud banging sounds emanated from an inexplicable source when little Matthew was around. Matthew would later channel advanced information from the spirit worlds through automatic writings. His capacities were investigated by the Cambridge Psychical Research Society and even the British Secret Service came to call! Some of the findings of those investigations were included in a book entitled “The Link”. One could say Matthew’s essence emanates a metaphysical “knowing” that overrides all other aspects of his personality. It is a force that has transformed his life, and the lives of many others. A force that can cure mental and spiritual disease, a force that could classify Matthew as “a messenger of light”.

But does an ordinary card psychic reading also express such a force? Can we access that same power through the words of an empath presenting a card psychic reading to us? Well, basically yes. As we experience a card psychic reading, the empath digs deep into the truth of our lives and souls. She breaks through boundaries, traverses timelines and accesses diverse states of consciousness. On occasions these breakthroughs heal our closed down condition, and break down our inherent denial of life as “one amazing miracle” Yes a card psychic reading could indeed access the unknown that changes lives.

Eventually, Matthew connected to a more refined strata of the metaphysical. After an awakening in the Himalayan mountains Matthew realized he had a soul mission as a healer. He underwent exacting testing at the Mind Science Foundation in San Antonio Texas as well as the Universities of California and London. It was found that Matthew could positively influence the degradation of human blood cells, and brain wave patterns.

So again, could a card psychic reading really tune into the same healing force as Matthew?. Can we change our lives through that same awareness? We can only rest our case in the hope that recent tests carried out by quantum scientists proving the existence of a “mystical invisible” nominated “The Field” or the “Zero Point” will be recognised by mainstream science! Perhaps dreams of time travel, instant healing and the enlightenment of the human race are not so improbable after all.