Genuine Psychic


34911460genuinespsychicSo who are the genuine psychics, how can we sort the chaff from the wheat? When we look for an esoteric empath to “tell us how it is” how can we be sure that the person we are talking to on line, or at the other end of a phone, is the real deal?

Well, we can ask the empath a few initial questions to suss her out. Like how she sees past events in our lives. But in any event we will soon realize genuine psychics know more about us than we could possibly imagine, as well as understanding the “ins and outs” of the metaphysical side of life. They not only have natural, God Given talents, but have developed their wisdom. They are “soul trippers” looking for answers to the mysteries of life.

The Akashic Records


Many genuine psychics will work with the type of ancient “knowing” contained in the Akashic records, which is rather like a spiritual library, or a computer, and exists on the eighth dimension of universal awareness. The records have registered all the events that ever took place on this planet, and all the past and future lives of myriads of sentient beings. Perhaps some genuine psychics will have undergone metaphysical initiation ceremonies whereby they will have learnt how to access the Akashic records to some degree. In any event, genuine psychics know more than a little about spiritual healing, above all they will be aware that healing affirms the reality of other dimensions and the presence of a super conscious energy we call God, or the Goddess. They will be able to access those dimensions and help us find our way to knowledge and happiness as a result. They will also shift our personal vision, helping us to step into our wholeness or find solutions to life’s problematics.

Electromagnetic Morphic Fields

Genuine psychics will explain that our physical bodies are electromagnetic morphic fields, pulsating masses of energy that express themselves through the human aura. The aura mirrors our spiritual, psychological and physical structure and any imbalance or physical illness will register in it, especially when core life issues need to be resolved. Genuine psychics will tell us that our lower selves, or as we see it, the worst sides of our personality, should never be excluded from integration into the light, otherwise severe imbalances will take place. Genuine psychics will remind us that our lives and our spiritual paths need to evolve and that research, or a diverse understanding of reality will help us change perspective, even encourage us to go beyond our educational and social conditioning and realise that integrating the status quo is not always that necessary.

Genuine psychics will connect to our emotions easily; suss out our thoughts and physical feelings, sometimes even our painful visions. They will tell us that the negatives have a purpose, which is to lead us to a higher state of awareness. They will also know that the light tends to bring our darkness to the surface to look at, understand, and heal. Sometimes, what appears to be a disadvantage, for example, that missed appointment, the job we did not get, the love we lost, are indeed saving us from far more negative outcomes and consequences. That is the power of grace and all genuine psychics will tell you that “grace” is the key to happiness and knowledge.

The old story of the guy who missed his flight and then it crashed, is a case in point. If he had got on it, the result would indeed have been catastrophic. Genuine psychics will tell us that we need to trust the workings of Spirit, which might not always give us the answers we want, or seek, rather like that good old Stones song “You might not always get what you want, but for sure you will get what you need!”

Genuine psychics will probably connect to moon energies, allowing the power of a new moon to expand their energies, and the waning moon to help then enter into contemplative states and a symbiosis with inner silence. Genuine psychics will point out that in order to step into the “Golden Age”, that some say awaits us in 2012; we need to detach from negative thought forms and stop masking our malaise. Genuine psychics will advise homeopathy or alternative treatments to relieve aches and pains, or spiritual healing to bring unhealthy psychological issues to the surface. They will tell us that as we renew our connection to Earth Mother, to nature in other words, the veil between realities will dissipate and more of us will get in touch with our true essence, and even our own psychic abilities.

Genuine psychics will ask the assistance of guides and angels to protect their work; they might use a mantra to open to their unlimited potential. They will connect to that vertical energy line too, the one that emanates from the depths of the universe and descends through all of our bodies, into the earth through the soles of our feet. Genuine psychics will “know” things automatically. Visions will be given to them, in the form of flashes, dreams and insights. In fact genuine psychics will take us by the hand and lead us, if we are open to being lead of course; to exciting ways of perceiving what we assume to be “reality”, or the material world. Without them this earth would be virtually devoid of magic. We raise our glass to them, for many are guiding us through dark times with joy, love and courage.