Psychic Circle

67961144psychiccirclePsychic Circle Preconceptions

How do you imagine a psychic circle? A sort of “Whacko Club”, a ring of enlightened beings, or warlocks and witches gathering together to send evil vibrations in to the world? Or perhaps you think a psychic circle occurs in some deserted wood at the dead of night with the moon shinning down on the participants, creating sinister shadows and scaring the “blazes” out of anyone in their right mind? But perhaps, you are one of those people who has become aware that the word “psychic” does not necessarily relate to the word “fear” and not all psychics are hoop earring wearers, or wild gypsies asking for too much money and predicting a load of rubbish!

Love, Truth and Humanity

You see, many a psychic circle is dedicated to truth, love, to helping humanity. You will find one down the road, another around the corner, another gathering together in the front room of manor house or the back room of a family home? A psychic circle is a democratic force of light, beyond social mores. In other words, a psychic circle builds into an alternative way of being in the world, a way that will lift us up to a new level of consciousness. Exaggerated? too optimistic? We interviewed Jennifer who joined a psychic circle but a year ago.

True Story – Jennifer

You know, my psychic circle is basically about understanding just one thing, she said with a shine in her eyes. “That only love and light can win in the end. I soon realized that my circle was the tops. You see, I felt love whenever I was within it I have made such wonderful new friends and so much progress in my life as a result of joining it. It felt a bit like that old myth, you know, the one about going into a dark room to light it up with a candle, and brightening up the room immediately, but going into a room blazing with light, to bring about the dark, is impossible. In other words, light is the issue in my circle, and how to expand it outwards. I understood that praying or sending healing from a psychic circle helps people overcome their fears; the becausemic love wave, if you like, breaks through boundaries that hold back personal evolution. In fact, only when I acknowledged my own fears and started to love them, was I able to finally experience “happiness” It might sound daft but that is how I feel!”.

Any positive psychic circle accentuates feelings of forgiveness. Attending a psychic circle helps us understand that those who accompany us through life, whether they are good or bad people are our teachers. In fact, to reach out to those who work against us is the ultimate in transformative magic. Consider this, everything helps us evolve, and whatever life doles out will create a “forwards” movement eventually. We will all step beyond social manipulation some day, integrate our negative emotions and hold our light and heads high, unafraid to face the consequences, taking responsibility for our existence.

It is very easy to be manipulated by education and political systems, for they play on our insecurities and fears. For example, governments talk peace and create wars, talk equality but build into social divides. A psychic circle allows us to go beyond our conditioning and no longer assign the fate of this planet to the “powers that be”. We can change humanity’s viewpoint by changing our own, in other words. Being fearless, knowing that death is but a veil is part of becoming a psychic or empathic individual.

Thinking About Joining A Psychic Circle?

So, if you really want to join a psychic circle, know you will probably learn how to meditate, how to “see” beyond the illusion, how to love unconditionally, how to use your empathic skills to tune into the hearts and minds of others. You will build positivity into your life experience, and healing and medianic “gifts” could develop as a result of joining a psychic circle. You will realize that everyone is different, that the main issue is tolerance and that if you are faced with a challenge within the circle it will only crop up to teach you, to simply sharpen your skills, and enhance the gifts already locked within your soul.

The wise ones, who work within the power structure of the psychic circle, know that we might continue banging up against our own brick walls. But a compassionate psychic circle will be open to helping us overcome our delusions. We will understand that the “light” we all carry is a healing force. Once it pervades our personal obstacles, we become optimistic, creative, and effective. Within the psychic circle, some pray for that light to reach out to those who suffer with a new healing mission in view. The vision of a psychic circle is a force of good, geared towards an evolved understanding of the “invisible”. It gives us a truer picture of the so called “esoteric”. So rather than a psychic circle being a cove of cackling witches cutting up frogs and whispering into cauldrons the true psychic circle is a powerful presence that guides us all along our way.