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8259758brainconnectionThe Psychic Connection

Psychics on line are more than aware of the variants in energy waves that make up what we perceive as “reality”. The very nature of most psychics on line makes them adept at picking up frequencies with the utmost clarity. In fact, psychics on line accomplish their “visioning” due to a capacity to transform their own frequencies and unite them with yours. The point of view of most psychics on line is that everything pulsates to an electromagnetic beat, and research has indeed shown that the brain vibrates in waves, in fact all consciousness emanates wave patterns. In her book “Frequency” the very knowledgeable Penney Peirce explains how our brain waves and personal vibrations affect our reality.

Penney Peirce

For example, psychics on line, plus gifted empaths and sensitives would agree with Penney’s assertions that everything in the creation is a massive vibration oscillating at different rates. The earth itself is one colossal force field. Penney cites Dr Joseph Kirschvink from the Californian Institute of Technology in her book. He found that bees, birds, whales and human beings all have crystalline substances in the makeup of their brain tissue. This substance helps them to tune into, and follow geomagnetic force fields that guide them to their destination. Whales for example, move along invisible tracks under the ocean. Homing pigeons follow highways in the sky and we intuit our way out of the Hampton Court Maze for example.

As the world vibrates around us, the human body vibrates in synchrony with it, connecting to its own biochemical processes inherent in the atoms that make up the physical form. The frequency rates are low when related to the physical and high when related to spiritual awareness, as in molecules and atoms. Most psychics on line are aware that malfunctions in our own lives occurs when we are no longer patterning the energy within our system and thus deviate from harmonious flow.

Interestingly the brain vibrates in waves too and these waves have been measured in laboratories all over the world. All the wave frequencies of the brain adhere to a particular state of consciousness, as most psychics on line would confirm. In fact, Penney Peirce explains in her book how this works. She tells us that the Beta brain wave is a fast wave, keeping us wide awake, usually provoking us to action, making us productive, stirring us up and stimulating our thoughts. We are frequently concentrating on something when we are in Beta, perhaps study or work.

Penney asserts that Alpha vibrates at a lower speed than Beta. Alpha waves are present when we are feeling relaxed, when we are meditating lightly or pondering on some day dream. Alpha waves are creative and most psychics on line have trained themselves to hold the alpha wave fairly consistently with their meditation and vision quests.

Theta is the trance wave, or the deep sleep wave. When we are in theta, and conscious, visions and metaphysical experiences are free to surface in our mind’s eye adding to our lives and encouraging our destiny. Many psychics on line, plus mediums, spiritual seekers and empaths are thought to access that Theta wave when they connect to their insights and predictions. Theta is beyond time, and deeply visionary.

Delta is only found when we are taking the deepest of naps. When hubby talks in his sleep, your boyfriend snores or sonny Jim decides he is going to sleep walk his way down to the fridge for an ice-cream, Delta would be the overriding wave helping Jim carry out his “fridge mission”.

Connecting to Reality

Most all psychics on line will inform you that your consciousness, or more loosely put “the way your brain waves flow”, connects to your awareness of reality. Penney Peirce would second that. In her book she explains that when we meditate our brain waves slip into Alpha and we will be less likely to be upset by stress. Penney also states, as many psychics on line do too, that “Theta is about understanding the nature of your true self. The ego begins to “die” and is replaced by soul awareness in Theta. It’s been shown that when the mind turns inward and focuses on self reflection and inner processes, brain waves shift from beta to alpha to theta, especially when outside stimuli are shut out” In fact meditations or vision “questors” find a great sense of spiritual joy when they centre into the Theta wave.

So next time you decide you will consult some psychics on line, realize that they will definitely pick up your brain waves. Now are you an Alpha or a Beta? Start meditating, you might even hit the Theta wave and who could stop you then?