Reading Tarot

82561922shufflingcardsReading tarot opens us out the up power of the human psyche, may be because reading tarot defines our emotions and thoughts into a comprehensible whole helping us see into life’s challenges. Reading tarot not only tunes into our destiny, but turns a light on to its mysteries. In fact; reading tarot can be a symbiosis between the known and unknown, may be because reading tarot forms a bridge between the consciousness of the psychic and her client.

Reading Tarot Process

The first step to reading tarot includes shuffling the cards before the process continues. As we shuffle, we concentrate on our question. We then hand the cards to the reader who lays them out for us. Sometimes a quick answer will be included in a three card spread. The first card is our past, the second our present and the third our future. The Celtic Cross, one of the more popular spreads has ten positions. Card one depicts the present, card two reflects further on the situation, card there reflects the past, card four reflects the more recent past, card five projects a possible future and card six projects the near future. Card seven symbolizes how one sees oneself and card eight how others see one. Card nine reflects our hopes and fears and card ten predicts the final outcome.

Chinese Playing Cards

But did you know that tarot started off as Chinese playing cards, modish all over Europe in the 13th century? The magical change to tarot evolved in Italy, when more cards were added to the original pack. In the late 17th century, new add-ons surfaced when Kabala and Ancient Egyptian symbols were included. From then on the tarot began to express itself in a variety of pictorial formats, but the tarot itself is actually a conglomeration of metaphysical perceptions some to do with fate, others to do with the inner reaches of our own psyche. Interestingly the major Arcane depict the Emperor, Empress and Pope all stalwart representatives of the forces that be, those forces we contend with on a daily basis and are very real to us. In fact the tarot has a firm grip on reality and can go into quite practical questions fully.

Sometimes those who enjoy reading tarot consecrate their packs first, utilizing incense and prayers to carry out their ritual. They could also burn coloured candles and hold the cards above the flames, to purify them. They could even invoke protection from the four Archangels, Gabriel, Raphael, Michael and Uriel to watch over their readings. They will then wrap the tarot in a cloth of either red or black silk and keep them in a special place to protect them.

Various Tarot Decks

There are many different tarot packs when it comes to reading tarot. Thoth Tarot is the Aleister Crowley deck and one of the more striking. Crowley thought of himself as a black magician, and nicknamed himself “The Beast 666”. He was considered a very wicked man, definitely no joker when it came to the darker side of the occult. In 1920 Crowley founded a commune in Italy, to free humanity from all restriction and repression, but even Mussolini sent him back to the UK, due to his excessive behaviour. However, the Thoth Tarot if used with wisdom, creates a very special atmosphere, and digs deep into the human psyche. Most empaths who use Thoth tarot are well aware of the original perceptions of Crowley’s cards, but caste their own magical and often healing light onto the pack.

Reading tarot is definitely a life enhancing experience. It can serve to both stimulate and motivate us. It can warn us, inspire us, enhance self awareness and lead us to accomplishment. It encourages insight and divine revelation. In short every household should have one tarot pack locked up in a drawer, just in case good advice is required ASAP!