Star Psychic

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What is a Star Psychic? Many of us seek the perfect Psychic to help us resolve problems, to ease our insecurities, to understand us, to know us better than we know ourselves. A Star Psychic is a friend in our hour of need, a light in the darkness; help when we need to unravel life’s knots. She will explain why the love of our life left us, why bad luck pursues us, whether we will get that job or whether we will ever have enough money to buy our dream house. Yet nowadays we have a choice of so many readers. On line psychics, text readings, phone readings, psychic fair readers, it is hard to identify who our special Star Psychic is and if we can trust her. Many Psychics vouch for gifts that support truth and healing but it is up to us to identify what “type” of Psychic we prefer.

Some of us might go for the gypsy type at the fair, the woman with mesmerizing dark eyes that pierce the veils of soul. We might prefer a mother figure that comforts us on the phone or a girl friend type of Psychic we can send text messages to. We might be more inclined to seek out a male Psychic to gives us a guy’s point of view. We might prefer our Star Psychic to have healing gifts, be able to see auras or utilize mediumship skills or connect to those who have passed on. In short, as far as a Star Psychic is concerned it is “different strokes for different folks” But there are some baseline characteristics that differentiate a Star Psychic from a less gifted intuitive. A Star Psychic will not interrupt your flow by chipping in with her own problems. She will take a therapeutic approach, and might have attended counselling course or healing workshops to perfect her craft. She could be an Astrologer, a Numerologist or a Tarot Reader, perhaps all three rolled into one. She will make it clear whether she is specialized in affairs of the heart, tracing lost loved ones or long-term predictions before she starts your reading. A Star Psychic will also explain whether she works with visions, healing systems or if she can clarify exact time lines. She will tell you if she is unable to pinpoint a phone call from your boyfriend to exactly August 10 at 3.00 pm, but if a Star Psychic sees him calling, he usually will, as she has above average predictive skills. She can proffer spiritual guidance and will put you on a prayer list or send you long distance healing if you ask for additional support. A Star Psychic is on earth to help others and will do whatever possible to stand by her client.

Psychic Prediction Boundaries

A Star Psychic will never predict death, or medical problems, as that is against her ethics. A Star Psychic knows that medical issues can only be dealt with by a qualified medical practitioner to protect her client’s interests. She will not predict for children, nor will she moralize, preach or boast of her powers. She will make sure she remains humble; your happiness is more important to her than fame. But she will spell out strong advice if you ask for it, if she sees a lover is not right for you, she will tell you. A Star Psychic will not overcharge, but she will expect fair remuneration, after all she is giving her time with dedication and expertise. Above all a Star Psychic is broad minded and prone to follow the path of spiritual evolution. She is prepared to amplify her knowledge in that process. She realizes life is a great adventure and that the only true authority is Divine Spirit or the light that illumines all creation. Sometimes her own life has been filled with suffering, so she can understand others’ pain with compassion and be patient with those who do not know which way to turn. A Star Psychic’s mission is to help; yet she is not soppy, nor will she be afraid to tell you what she sees. She trusts the God Force and Eternal Light more than the illusions of this world. She listens to earth bound critics and sceptics, but she cannot hold back her life mission just to be approved of. That mission is to stand by you, to support and guide you through the challenges. She deems it her duty is to give you all the comfort, knowledge and wisdom you deserve. She is your girlfriend and magical companion rolled into one and after you have experienced a reading with a Star Psychic you will feel positive, inspired, happy and hopeful. A Star Psychic nurtures a higher vision for humanity’s evolution, but perhaps the true measure of a Star Psychic is her kindness and connection to Spirit. If you sense that love, that Spirit working through her, you will know you have finally found what you are looking for, the Ultimate Star Psychic!