Online Psychics

37702259fearHave you ever wondered why a high percentage of the population would never consider a reading with online psychics? Some of us might think that these are the sceptical folks, the ones that think online psychics are con artists after your money! But it might surprise you to learn that many individuals who do not put a session with online psychics high on their “list of things to do” are actually dead scared of the paranormal; some are even horror movie buffs addicted to fear. In fact, they believe so deeply in all things metaphysical that the very thought of online psychics sends them into a “blue funk”. They probably saw that classic movie horror “The Shining”, the story of a haunted hotel that drives people insane. Perhaps they were afraid to hear a phone ring after seeing “The Ring”. In their “heart of hearts” they might feel that all online psychics morph into “Carrie” in their spare time, or that only Max Von Sydhow, the priest in “The Exorcist” is the only one who could step in and clear up the mess once a demon took possession! Perhaps these folks were never the same after the budget horror “Blair Witch” came to town. Films like “Paranormal Activity” or “Rosemary’s Baby” would have had them hiding behind their hands. But the reality is that there is still quite a lot of superstition when it comes to metaphysical matters and many of us are scared of becoming involved in the paranormal because we believe we could get dragged into some black magic ritual

Horror Movies

Certainly if one believes horror films are real, consulting online psychics could seem a very scary proposition. However, readings done by online psychics are as different from Jack Nicholson running around a deserted hotel with an axe in his hand, as chalk is from cheese. Empaths are evolved human beings who want to help others with their sensitive approach to the paranormal. They realize, like many of us, that there is far more to this amazing universe than meets the eye. They probably have experienced diverse metaphysical phenomena themselves, but in that process learnt that unconditional love is what sustains us all. Therefore horror films about haunted houses, possessed people and the ghosts of mad murderers have nothing to do with the real psychic world. The fact is wisdom, coupled with extreme sensitivity enables empaths to tune into another’s energy, but they certainly will not sudden morph into “Carrie” or Linda Blair, the hapless, possessed teenager in the Exorcist.

Overcoming Fear

One of the best ways to overcome any type of fear is knowledge. So if you are considering consulting using online psychics, but are still a little nervous about it, why not try reading a few metaphysical books that will help you understand what a psychic is really all about and what they actually do A good book is the upbeat best seller “The Secret” that explains how our thoughts create our reality. Another interesting read is “Matrix Energetics” by Dr Richard Bartlett, an epistle that lays out before us spiritual healing methods that enhance our lives. We could also read “Reliance on the Light” by Diane Stein, which teaches us how to protect ourselves psychically if we afraid of the unknown. Reading another wonderful book called “The Journey” by Brandon Bays will not only lead us along an evolved metaphysical path, but even define our true purpose for us.

In short online psychics could really help us with that problem we need counsel on, and if we overcome our personal fear of the occult, we might be surprised at how enriching the “telling” experience actually is!