Free Clairvoyant Readings


19175159spookyWhat makes a human being seek answers to life’s tests and seek out free clairvoyant readings? Perhaps when the pain of life overwhelms us, we believe that the future holds no hope and we need to rediscover the magic of existence. A friend who does free clairvoyant readings using a pack of earmarked tarot cards becomes irresistible. We can also become addicted to free clairvoyant readings dished out by innumerable web sites on line, yet the strange thing is even though we know our friend is an amateur when she channels answers from her tarot, and it is obvious programmed readings cannot replace the authenticity of a true intuitive, we cannot help ourselves; crisis and the word “free” attract us like pins to a magnet. Eventually free clairvoyant readings could become a habit; we repeat the same questions over and over again until we get the answers we seek, and we are annoyed with ourselves as a result. But we need to forgive ourselves for such actions, we are but human, for when lives look hopeless it is natural to seek solace in the messages free clairvoyant readings offer, if only to temporarily alleviate our trials and discover some “meaning” to life.


Viktor Frankl


The story of Viktor Frankl would be an inspiration to anyone who is searching for meaning. Victor Frankl was the survivor of a Nazi concentration camp, and notwithstanding the horrendous hardships he suffered, which included the murder of both his parents and his wife, Victor managed to state, “A thought transfixed me: for the first time in my life I saw the truth as it is set into song by so many poets, and proclaimed as the final wisdom by so many thinkers. The truth is that the ultimate and highest goal to which man can aspire is the salvation of man through love and in love” Victor Frankl’s heroic attitude to cruel imprisonment inspired his inmates and helped them withstand the bestial treatment, and in some cases survive it. Victor Frankl’s life mission was to be of service to others by standing up to hopelessness and teaching love is the only way to overcome great challenges.

Doris Stokes

Doris Stokes’ life was also of great service to her fellow man. She was a simple woman born in the North of England however she became known as one of the most gifted mediums in the United Kingdom. When she was a young woman she was informed that her husband had been killed in the war. As she deeply grieved her loss, her father’s spirit appeared to her and declared her husband had not been killed at all, but that their beautiful baby son would die instead. These predictions came true! Nothing could stop Doris’ rejoicing at her husband’s safe return from war, but nothing would ever assuage the deepest grief a human being can experience, the loss of a child. Doris Stokes’ terrible trial deepened her capacity to “tune into” the infinity of life and notwithstanding the fact she was plagued by illness and underwent thirteen operations for cancer she continued channelling the spirits of departed loved ones for many desperate people. She never managed to conceive herself, and yet did eventually adopt a little boy. Her psychic powers would help thousands realize life continues beyond death.

Highly intuitive mediums and healers like Doris Stokes, or gifted human beings like Victor Frankl faced terrible challenges to comprehend infinity and the mysteries of life. Obviously only in that way, could they give of their hearts to help those who suffered. The fact is, a spiritual belief serves us in challenging times. Healers and mediums have always known this to be true. Therefore free clairvoyant readings can never replace the dedication a loving, intuitive or healer can offer. But be that as it may, there is nothing amiss in enjoying free clairvoyant readings, as long as we are aware that they only serve our souls on a temporary basis.