Psychic Development Circle

19132665seeingFirst Psychic Awareness

Psychic development starts the moment an individual becomes aware that they carry special “seeing” “feeling” “psi” gifts that can help others. Cultivating a perception of the “invisible” is a challenge, often folk join a psychic development group to overcome that challenge, or take up a course at the College of Psychic Studies, or a similar teaching facility. But it should be pointed out that everyone has psi gifts, because as long as you are alive you will have an electromagnetic force field around you, (in lay terms the human aura) and that field not only contains the magnetic resonance of your thoughts, but can connect to others’ resonance and even past, present and future events. The aura can be perceived therefore, as a metaphysical map geared to individual evolution.

Our present culture is both physically and materialistically orientated, but even though up to now only a few wanted to know about the invisible worlds that sustain our reality and constitute more than half of it, there has been increased interest in spiritual matters over the past years. Perhaps we all realise that “something” is changing, that our world is become less easy to decipher with traditional means, that there are “mysteries” we cannot define happening every day, all around us. The perception of psychic development therefore is not just seen as a strictly prophetic “take” on life but a spiritual one. More healer than oracle, these days a potential empath enhances their psychic development by understanding spiritual awakening. This process takes time and patience, and within their own personal evolution an individual will learn forgiveness to cultivate even higher level perceptions of reality.

Psychic Myths

Many people confuse physic development with occultism; occultism is nothing to do with spiritual evolution but rather the use of magical “systems” to transform material reality. If one wants to cultivate true vision, however, spiritual development is advised. As we study, whether privately or at a college, subjects like the aura, the difference between soul and spirit, chakras, meditation, crystal healing, clairaudience etc, we learn to clear out personal conflicts that stop our gifts from emerging fully. In short we become aware of the power of the mind and the healing energies of the heart, and how they differ.

The mind has difficulty accepting “feeling” which is the seer’s reality. Psychic development helps us learn about “imaging” and “sensation”, “visions” and “perceptions”, “energy patterns” and “energy flow”, all very different processes to experiencing reality with the intellect. Anyone who is seeking psychic development will understand the symbolism of reality also. They will watch how they speak, because they know what they say will manifest. For example, if you speak unkindly of another someone will speak unkindly of you. The phrase “turn the other cheek” was one of the wisest. For Jesus Christ knew as we turned that cheek, we liberated ourselves from the chains of judgment. Everything we do and think creates its own mini energy field that then spreads out from our morphic field into the universe and the morphic fields, or auras, of those around us.

Psychic Exercise

A simple psychic development exercise is to go inwards and focus on your breath for a minute or two concentrating on the image of an imagined blank page Then open your eyes, and take an object, this object might be a piece of jewellery like a ring or necklace or an item of clothing like a scarf or glove. Practice picking up the sensations of the object you are holding in your hands. Imagine it talking to you, telling you its history. The piece of jewellery might recount that it was worn many years ago by the mother of four children, who was happily married and lived an easy and luxurious life. You see, every energy source has a morphic field vibrating around it and that field has a language to convey to you. The sensitive person learns to use diverse ways of connecting to objects, situations and people, even if they are far away. You can practice long distance “psi” perceptions by ringing up a friend, .asking her to think of something and then picking up the images she is transmitting by slowing down your breath and meditating on the colour blue. Meditating in a circle with others will also enhance your “tuning in” capacities and you will soon learn to “Sense” what others are feeling, what their lives are like, or will be like.

Some folks have a natural psychic gift from a young age. Others have been born with a “different” inner soul construct or range of belief systems, perhaps inherited, perhaps gifted. These types of individuals have never found a structured course in psychic development necessary. Jeffrey Palmer, Sylvia Brown, John Edwards, Doreen Virtue already “knew” about perceiving metaphysical energies, and did not have to learn them. But be rest assured, whether you were born with these gifts or not, you still have a latent psychic capacity. Our advice is use it, develop it and you could be surprised.