Best Clairvoyants

32150398gypsyBest Clairvoyants, or could we say “better” clairvoyants would certainly sustain a belief in Spiritualism which burst on to the scene in the USA during the eighteen hundreds, its reputation increasing over the years. The Spiritualist belief in life after death helped many who suffered terrible loss during the First and Second World Wars and is now part of the metaphysical tradition. Let us say, to simplify, Best Clairvoyants are the super sensitive folk who sense spirits, angels and energies beyond our everyday perception of “reality”. Spiritualism forms part of that “other worldly” belief system. Therefore both the Best Clairvoyants’ and mediums’ vision of reality is that it is entirely possible to contact those who have passed on. Best Clairvoyants or the sensitive Clairvoyant could also pick up messages from “spirit entities” and channel them to others to help improve or transform lives. Best Clairvoyants, or a Clairvoyant that has “seeing” capacities will perceive spiritual realities as absolutely real in fact quantum scientists to some extent would sustain the Clairvoyant’s view that what we see is just an experience of reality. They might also agree with the Spiritualist perception that reality is a multidimensional phenomenon that could incorporate other worlds, even life after death.

Teachers and Shamans

New Age teachers and shamans vouch for the presence of invisible entities around us too, beings that cross over different “worlds”. They also sustain the spirits’ presence on this planet can be for both good and evil. They confirm the existence of ghosts or stuck spirits caught up in their attachment to planet earth. These ghosts, or spirits, are still yearning for a life that is no longer theirs to live. Spiritualists maintain that when we die we progress through other planes of consciousness so our souls can grow and evolve. From a Spiritualist perspective the soul is in constant evolution and there is no end to its expression on diverse planes of consciousness. Best Clairvoyants and Mediums believe eternal life exists within our hearts already and that the afterlife is not a place “up in the clouds” where angels play harps, but a world like our own where we can choose to grow or remain stuck in inappropriate belief systems.

Betty Shine

Betty Shine could not be defined as ever playing a part within the Best Psychics fraternity; she was very much her own person and a medium who wrote bestselling books, including “Mind Magic!” She also inspired David Icke informing him that not only was he a healer but that he was carrying spiritual energies that would help heal planet earth. Betty Shine once wrote, “It is up to every one of us to seek knowledge, improve the power of our mind and discover what we are really capable of. With the expansion of the mind comes health, excitement and positivity and – very important – independence and self-reliance. Never give up. Keep trying. Life is full of fascinating things waiting for you to discover. Challenge! That is the word that has inspired me throughout my life. Why don’t you take up the challenge of helping to make this world a better place to live in!” Best Clairvoyants would be the last to argue with that statement!

Independent Newspaper Reporter Linda Joffee wrote in her article on Mrs. Shine, “I played some of my lengthy taped interview with Mrs. Shine to a senior Psychiatrist at a London teaching hospital. He also read passages from her books. His assessment? She is certainly not a crazy lady, from hearing her speak,” he says, “nor does she have the ring of a charlatan. She may well be in touch with the spiritual dimension; some of the things she describes would be difficult to explain unless you accepted her explanations. “The fact is we are already on the edge of a New Age where the invisible could become more visible, and many mysteries might be resolved. Perhaps humanity is indeed turning a corner, and within a hundred years or so, people will be able to “see” other dimensions as easily as they see the physical planes of the world today. Now that is worth meditating on!