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The boyfriend has not called, you cannot stand the stress. Why does your love life have to be so challenging? Why does the boyfriend not understand you need him so? You are lost, confused, lonely, upset; you decide you will turn to a psychic to tell you where you and the boyfriend are going. You call one of the psychic companies advertising on line. Phone Psychic Reading UK pops up. You are dubious. For starters, you wonder how can someone on the other end of a phone line can pick up how darned fed up you are, and why you feel unlucky in love. You dial the number of Phone Psychic reading UK, your fingers are shaking. The psychic on Phone Psychic Reading UK asks us for your name and date of birth. You decide not to tell her and give phony information to protect your interests! You don’t want her to know too much. The psychic on Phone Psychic Reading UK is called Ruthy and says she is tuning in, you wonder if she is tuning into your paranoia or your guides. You are freaking out, you have heard psychics connect to spirit guides, one could be touching you right now, your head is feeling strange, and perhaps ghostly fingers are touching it, Scream!

The Experience

Ruthy clears her throat “there is something not quite right here, and it has to do with a name!” You shift in your seat. More embarrassed than nervous, stuttering and hiccupping you mumble, “look, my boyfriend has not called for weeks, has he dumped me?” What if she says “yes”, you think. What if she tells you your love life is over? Will you laugh as if nothing has happened, or will you burst into tears and collapse in a heap on the floor?

Fantastic or Fraud?

Everyday thousands of people connect to help lines similar to Phone Psychic Readings UK. The question most would ask of a service such as Phone Psychic Readings UK is how does a psychic “know” “see” and “sense” futures accurately, or at all? And how can one be sure she is not a complete phony? Well the answer a psychic would give you is that she has second sight, or another way of perceiving the world. A psychic would also say she translates the complexities of archetypal energy so you understand the deeper meaning of life. She will comment on present and future trends usually affected by your mental attitude and emotional state, and advise how you can handle them. She knows that the “invisible” is as powerful or if not more “powerful” than the visible. She has been saying for years what quantum mechanics are currently declaring, that life is an “internal” experience, and what we see is literally what we believe and project onto reality. A psychic will sometimes use tarot cards, I Ching, Numerology, tea leaves or Astrology to bounce into the “light fantastic”, but her visions do not relate to any technique or instrument, but are more often than not the “prodding’s” of Spirit, the sounds of dematerialized voices, or crystal clear insights with a perceptive ring of truth.

Ruthy asks you to breathe deeply; you gulp in so much air you nearly suffocate. She describes your boyfriend’s character to a tee, she knows he has trouble staying the emotional course, she knows he has been sacked from work recently, she knows his mother has been hospitalized she also knows that he has been having financial problems. “Well honey, “she says, “Your boyfriend is not calling because he is stressed, and has no time. Why don’t you give him a bell?” You never thought of that, she is right! She then says “honey I sense you feel insecure perhaps you need to strengthen your will and become more emotionally self sufficient!” What, emotionally self-sufficient? That is too much, especially when love makes you nervous and you need someone to back you up when you fall. Impossible! Ruthy has not got it after all. But then Ruthy says something that rattles your cage, “I see your boyfriend adores you, I wonder if you love yourself as much as he loves you?” You stutter your thanks and put down the phone. She was right; she has made you think calling Phone Psychic Readings UK had not been such a bad idea after all! Or perhaps not, you reassess, and start investigating other online readings. Many of them seem interesting, you check into the Russell Grant site. Now that is even more intriguing! There are so many diversities, different types of readings and references on the psychics. Next time, you will call RG, after all you do need advice, life is far too challenging without it. A week later the boyfriend calls; you breathe a sigh of relief until the next time!