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What is the name of that ancient culture, (2000 BC to 250 AD more or less) that believed past influences create a clear picture of the future, may be because all events in heaven and earth are cyclical? According to historian Michael D. Coe this was “a civilization in the Central Area that reached its full glory in the early eighth century, but it must have contained the seeds of its own destruction, for in the century and a half that followed, all its magnificent cities had fallen into decline and ultimately suffered abandonment. This was surely one of the most profound social and demographic catastrophes of all human history.” Well the Mayans, of course!

Mayan Perception

We are awed by the Mayan perception that history will stop its roll beyond 2012. But why? since they could not stop their own annihilation. Many of us might see their astro take as an “end of the world” scenario, because our grasp of the celestial canopy above our heads is diverse to theirs, and we cannot understand the meaning of their culture, which was so different to ours. In fact, if we were to summon up a “returned from the dead” Mayan shaman, his analysis of our horoscope would stem from complex mathematical calculations and a religious ceremony to thank the Gods for aiding the analysis of our horoscope, perhaps incorporating human sacrifice?

When it came to astronomy, the Mayans were astounding however. They knew about the Orion Nebula and were into zenial passages when the sun passes directly overhead. They built their cities below the Tropic of Cancer so that these passages occurred twice a year. So basically the Mayans were a law unto themselves and followed a different typology when it came to a horoscope, so much so a Mayan horoscope would contain symbology so complex, that today we would probably have to reach for the creme de menthe to understand a weenie bit of about what they were going on about.

For a start, Mayans communicated “great spiritual meaning” through hieroglyphs. These hieroglyphs were interpreted by a Mr. John Stephens, way back in 1830 when it was discovered the Mayan calendar was based on a 260 day year, called Chol Qij. It was also discovered that the Mayan horoscope included 20 main typologies, similar to our own 12 zodiac signs, they were called naguals. The naguals were; Ch’en, Yax, Zac, Ceh, Mak, K’anK’in, Pax, Cayab, Kumk’u, Uayeb and Pop. These aforementioned signs dived deep into the nature of an individual.

A Mayan horoscope was a celestial blessing and shockingly accurate. To go into the meaning of each sign would take years of study but superficially, if you were born a Ch’en between January 2 to January 21, for example, you would be a wise pundit others would seek out for advice; perhaps a priest or nun as your spiritual faith would be profound, but intellectual. If you were a Yax, born January 22 to February 10, you would be a detached sort of being, all basic and down to earth. If you were born May 2 to May 21 you would be a Mayan Muand downright hard headed, a mule in other words and unable to let go of anything until it was completed. Naturally, the Mayan horoscope would go far more in-depth into the essence of an individual, but certainly their “naguals” encapsulated virtually all human traits.

Mayan civilization was renowned for being awesome and cruel. We still have trouble de-coding the human sacrifices at the core of their religious beliefs. Many victims had their hearts torn out as an offering to the Gods. We can see these rituals depicted in Mayan objects and ancient texts. Children were sacrificed for their purity, so scream and scream again, worse than a horror movie and well depicted in Mel Gibson’s masterpiece of a movie, “Apocalypto!” but above and beyond the horrors Mayans adored trees, architecture and aesthetic beauty, believing magic was a conduit between the physical and metaphysical worlds. Mayan architecture integrated supernatural aspects into a natural environment, and huge and glorious cities sprawled across the plains of the Yucatan, with towers and temples reaching astounding heights.

So is a Mayan horoscope correct? The answer would be yes, when it comes to the deeper recesses of your unconscious and subconscious mind. Perhaps you would not really understand that “perception” in the same way a Mayan priest shaman would. But you can be sure your horoscope would be awesome! A few specialised astrologers undertake the Mayan type of horoscope, but you might need to ask around to find the right one for you.

So at this point, the question might be is the world really going to end in 2012? Perhaps it will, perhaps it won’t, but we sense it will never be the same and that change would have to occur for humanity to evolve. The Mayans might have perceived a new age, when the light overcame the dark. We would like to think that, and choose to believe that their culture has taught us much about the magic and power of the human spirit, beyond the horrors it creates!