22474256coloursTrue Colours

What are your “True Colours? Do you often “See Red”? Get a case of the “Blues”? “Green with envy”? We are aware White is connected to the purity of a beautiful bride, or the sweet baby, innocent in a Christening gown. And Black? Well to most of us that conjures up some fear and “darkness”, sometimes our own. We wear Black at funerals, we dress in Black to impress and we integrate in Black and show how serious we are. Black is the colour of the police, the undertaker and the witch. It is also connected to the Planet Saturn, the Becausemic Teacher of the Law as compared to Pink, which vibrates to Venus, the planet of love. No doubt about it, we describe our emotions and thoughts with colour, even our culture! In India, mourning can be in White. Crimson equals passionate love in most cultures. Purple creates a sophisticated vibe, but could be an unlucky colour to a superstitious actor. Blue denotes intelligence, truth, even dignity, sometimes depression. We heal from the winter “Blues” when the sun turns fields “Green”, Green is connected to the heart Chakra, with all its healing and loving rays. Our cultural “programming!” also affects our perceptions of colour. We are delighted when we see a multicoloured rainbow; we are agitated when a Red street sign looms ahead. Business people use colour to convey their message, a request for payment with an urgent red stamp on it is not unusual. We like our homes to be vibrant with colour, Yellow walls pickup our mood, Blues calm us down, and pink makes us feel all fuzzy and “romantic”.


How do Psychics and Healers work with colour?


They know colours vibrate at diverse frequencies in the astral and etheric fields. Therefore they will tune into colours as synchronistic waves and dimensions. They will connect and decipher a “morphic” field, or emotion around a colour also, and feel, sense or intuit its connection to the human Chakra system, which are eight “astral” wheels vibrating within the head, forehead, throat, heart stomach, sexual organs and pubic bone areas. These vibrational “Chakra” colours mix/match with our moods and sometimes clash with our yearnings. A good Psychic will differentiate the true “feeling” of a colour, or “see” aspects of it in a person’s personality. The faster vibrations of Red, for example, are concerned with survival issues in the first Chakra, around the pubic bone. The elevated emanations of White and Violet are associated with the crown Chakra, often informing a Psychic of the presence of a Spirit Guide or relative that has passed on.


The famous modern artist Kandinsky had Synaesthesia, someone who can appreciate sounds and colours with two senses. As a child he would hear hissing sounds when mixing colours in his paint box. In other words, he heard colours, not only seeing them or painting them! The world-renowned composer Schubert also heard the E minor note as “a maiden robed in White with a Rose-red bow on her chest”. The condition has been put down to “cross wiring” in the brain and is very rare, but a Psychic or sensitive also “feels” colours or “hears” them, at least is able to define what they mean when it comes to individual destiny.

So next time you have to choose between a Red or Black dress for that very special date, realize that the colour means something far more profound than you rationally perceive. Remember the Psychic’s vision, and realize that her recent reading of “scarlet” in your Aura, could mean you are about to meet the love of your life!