Psychic Readings By Phone

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Psychic readings by phone can be a challenging experience for both psychic and client. Have you ever thought that the empath on the other end of the line would have to be a pretty evolved cookie to sustain such a strong metaphysical connection when we go for psychic readings by phone? In fact, mediums, healers and empaths often need to complete an energy clearing process before and after psychic readings by phone, in order to keep their auric fields open and sustain that paranormal vision guiding you through life issues.

Trapped Emotions

But how does an empath working psychic readings by phone keep their auric field and emotions so focused? Well, for a start psychics know that trapped emotions are the cause of most life problems. Trapped emotions unleash excessive behaviour, short attention spans, anger, depression and chronic anxiety. The fact that an emotion could be caught up somewhere in our auric field, or physical body, might escape our notice unless we suffer from chronic physical or nervous disturbances. But when we start screaming “pass the salt” at an important luncheon, overcome by a fit of inexplicable anger, we will become aware, as did Shakespeare’s Hamlet before he laid into his step dad that, “something is not quite right in the State of Denmark!” The fact is every human being has trapped emotion that surfaces under stress. In his book The Emotion Code, Dr Bradley Nelson introduces us to that inner emotional “state”, as well as energetic techniques that clear such negativity from our body and psyche with excellent success rates.

Dr Nelson

Most psychic readings by phone are carried out by clairvoyants who are more than aware of their own trapped emotions. In fact you could find that empaths already use Dr Nelson’s emotional clearing techniques to balance their energy circuits. However, it is far easier for a gifted empath to perceive a human being as a mass of pulsating energy. Ordinary folks would have more of a problem as they have not been educated to understand metaphysical issues. Perhaps that is why Dr Nelson has written his book. Perhaps his main aim was to help the “Joe Bloggs” of this world “see” like empaths, and understand how their personal energy affects their lives. Dr Nelson states, “A few decades ago, scientific thought denied the existence of any sort of human energy field. Since that time, scientists have completely changed their minds. They now know with absolute certainly that an energy field exists. As new technology has come along, they have been able to use it and find out for certain. For example, a device called the SQUID magnetometer can detect the tiny magnetic fields created by the biochemical and physiological activities of the body, using this device scientists have learned that all of the tissues and organs in the body produce specific, magnetic vibrations. They call them bio magnetic fields. Scientific research is constantly being conducted and continues to confirm over and over again that we are beings of energy and that there is an intelligent force at work in the universe”

The success of Dr Nelson’s healing techniques certainly sustains his theory. He easily explains in his book how to utilize magnetized, “easy to learn” processes that clear emotional pain and physical blockages forever. Psychic readings by phone also link into Dr Nelson’s concept of the energy field, literally sweeping through it and balancing “out of sync” patterns of behaviour locked within. Therefore, a psychic’s capacity to “see” future events is essentially due to the depth of their energetic connection and identification with a client’s “field”. A psychic’s training and sustained self healing will also maintain a strong and clear aura, and strengthen second sight.

Most empaths who do Psychic readings by phone would advise us that everything affects our energy field. They sustain that the “unconscious mind” cannot identify the difference between a real act of violence from one seen in a horror movie. They would counsel us to exclude as much negative imagery as possible from our lives, so we can grow calmer and more positive and reduce the release of adrenalin in our blood stream. In fact, if we really choose to live fearless lives, it is important to weave optimism into our vision of existence. Therefore, when we next chose to go for psychic readings by phone, we will be able to understand that a deep energetic connection with a medium can be an awesome experience. Our positive attitude will definitely enhance our experience of psychic readings by phone. So the current advice is “keep that vision upbeat!” for physical health and emotional well being and perhaps learn how to clear up negative emotions to ease your way through life challenges in that process.