Psychic Tarot Card Readings

19147639goldjigsaw1What is the difference between plain and simple tarot card readings and psychic tarot card readings? A huge difference! No use scratching your head in puzzlement and saying to yourself, “Don’t all tarot cards read the future anyway, in that they are predictive?”

Piecing Together The Puzzle

Well, not really! You see, tarot cards read by a bona fide psychic have a different type of “feel”. Rather than interpreting the cards to the letter, i.e. the instruction pamphlet as many a “home grown” tarot reader will strive to do, (and don’t tell us you haven’t attempted to lay the cards out with your hands flicking through the interpretation pages, or we will wrap you on the knuckles). Joking aside, a psychic, empath or medium will use the tarot cards as if she is cooking a soup. Don’t laugh, we will explain! For example, she will see the Empress, the Emperor, the World and the Death arcane cards more as “ingredients” that create your life’s flavours, flavours that do not come out of a packet, but will be tasty and highly unique. She does psychic tarot readings with such a unique style, in other words, that the beginner might find her perceptions disconcerting, mainly because during most psychic tarot card readings empaths ignore the exact meaning of the cards and use the tarot as a sign post. The psychic will start bouncing off one particular aspect of a card, for example, connecting to Spirit guidance in the process. It is as if psychic tarot card readings are the last rung on the predictive ladder, in that they integrate the tarot like jigsaw pieces fitting a puzzle, a puzzle that expresses the “bigger picture” or the soul’s perspective of an individual destiny.

The Cards and Meanings

Okay, so what can psychic tarot card readings do to help us understand why we never find the right guy? Let us put it this way, if the Empress is a loving giving generous and successful card, how come the psychic reader sees her as a rival in our future? Would that rival not be the High Priestess arcane, or a minor court card? Well again, not necessarily. When performing psychic tarot readings the empath first tunes into spirit, to channel guidance. Thereafter, she sees the cards from a profound perspective, or as vibrating, living archetypes, archetypes that connect to your personal karma. In fact, your “take” on the Empress, again, normally depicted as a loving, giving and generous woman, is that she is better than you are, in fact she is so much more beautiful, exciting and bountiful, she could take away what you cherish dearly, i.e. your boyfriend! In short, the psychic enters into your energy field and for a moment, “becomes” you. She sees life from your perspective, and uses the tarot cards to tune into that perspective. She is usually an experienced woman or enlightened gentleman, someone who has paid a price for life knowledge and wisdom and therefore during psychic tarot card readings will decipher a situation with aplomb, insight and spiritual guidance.

Interpreting The Cards

We repeat, a common mistake is to interpret the cards exactly as written in the booklet. These explanations are simply guidelines, but the symbology, depth and accuracy of a reading will depend on the capacity of an empath to enter your life story, understand your heartache, pick up your gifts, merge with your soul purpose and perceive how your perceptions and ideas reflect on to reality. If she cannot do this, she will be unable to offer genuine psychic tarot card readings, because she will just analyze the cards in a superficial way, as if she were “painting by numbers”. There will be a reading and it could be helpful, but it will probably lack depth, passion and significance.

Psychic tarot card readings can be an amazing experience! As the reader delves into her analysis of your problem, she will see the cards like illustrations in your “book of life”; and she will interpret that book like an adept story teller would, with excitement and verve. Perhaps the story might not always be easy, sometimes it is highly challenging, but in essence she will see it as true and profound. Psychic tarot card readings can help an individual understand their life mission and help them manifest their dreams, a gift to anyone who wants to see their life from a “higher” perspective and understand, at least to some extent, why they have incarnated on this planet.