Psychic Chats

19292720enlightenmentWhat is so magical about a psychic chat? How can it ease the pain of a broken heart? Why do we go for it in the first place?

Various Psychic Avenues

Psychic chat expresses itself in “Oh so many ways!” A psychic chat could incorporate astrological aspects of a birth chart. A psychic chat could include a channelling session, or a connection to a guardian angel. A psychic chat could be a way of telling someone your world is coming to an end. When we feel blue, opening out to anyone is a relief, but a psychic chat seems to have that “special” touch, there is something intriguing about the way it eases stress. Perhaps the fact that another understands us, without us telling them anything, could have something to do with it. It is sort of miraculous if one thinks about it! So, even if your best friend is not speaking to you, you doubt you will get the job or that your husband loves you, whatever the problem having a good old psychic chat will ease the angst, no doubt about it.

Psychics and Celebrities

But could the current increase in demand for a psychic chat have something to do with the spiritual awakening that is taking humanity by storm? Celebrities are joining in. Actors like to connect to “subtle energies” to help them define a role anyway. Elizabeth Taylor, Peter Sellers and Jane Seymour all had Near Death Experiences. Richard Gere is a Buddhist and Cameron Diaz was spotted in a tarot card-reading booth? Was Cameron having a psychic chat, could Richard ever enjoy one when we are not looking?

Well, what Richard might tell us that the ancient Tibetan Buddhism he follows is a fascinating mix of shamanism and pagan animism that incorporates psychic gifts, Tibetan Buddhist healers and soothsayers are called Bonpos, and not only can they “see” why a human being is getting sicker, they can bring them being back to wholeness. In fact, the Bonpo would be willing to walk through the gates of hell to rescue a lost soul and return it to a healthy “reality”.

Therefore, a psychic chat might not just about seeing into the future, not just about finances, love issues or if we will win the lottery. It can be a profoundly spiritual experience, especially if we are lucky enough to connect to a gifted medium that channels loved ones who have passed one. A psychic chat could inspire us, especially when the clairvoyant tells us that we have a soul mission to help others, and contribute to the world.

After Ricky Martin visited India, he concentrated his efforts on saving children from the clutches of the paedophile Mafia. In a recent interview he divulged that he had had a “sort of” spiritual awakening in India. Since his visit he has worked in unison with UNICEF and now is the proud father of twins. His music and “sex symbol” image seems to have softened, his artistic delivery is more sensitive, he is in short giving back to the world. Was that due to a metaphysical breakthrough, or some sort of psychic connection or chat?

Have you ever thought our search for meaning in these challenging times might be the reason we go for a psychic chat. Certainly, the insights we derive from an opened hearted empath, might enable us to transform our lives. Anything is possible!