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Do you believe in the power of prayer and that Spirits are helping us overcome the suffering of severe illness or problematic life issues in answer to prayers? What are Spirits anyway? Do they emanate from heaven? Or are Spirits just scary poltergeists that move objects across a room, scaring us to death?

Have you ever thought that there are different types of Spirits? Or that Spirits are angelic entities working for the good of humanity?? We can sometimes see them as “orbs” or “balls” of light on film and they move around rooms as if they are dancing. These “lights” some say, might be responsible for the reported success of prayer.

Dr Larry Dorsey

Dr Larry Dorsey might question the existence of spirits, but not of prayer. Dr Dorsey, you see, witnessed a “medical miracle” during surveys carried out to test “prayer effectiveness”, according to Paranormal TV!

I went to a lot of trouble to work on the studies; and I was stunned by the breadth and depth of the evidence that prayer works”. The most stunning evidence was San Francisco General Hospital. That study involved 393 people who suffered heart attacks. They received “state of the art” medical care but also care of a “supernatural” nature. Without them knowing some patient names were put on various healing prayer lists around the country. Soon it looked like the patients who had been prayed for were less likely to encounter complications, with a consistently higher survival rate than those patients who were not prayed for. This is major medical news, as these same experiments have been conducted on animals, plants and even bacteria. The sceptics say prayer results are just a matter of positive thinking, suggestion and expectation. But clearly animals, plants and bacteria cannot respond to positive thinking as we know it!” Dr Larry Dorsey went on to state, “Perhaps we do not have a scientific explanation for prayer but we will do one day! Certainly, if I were sick I would get on as many prayer lists as I could.”

American Doctors Survey

A recent survey showed 43 percent of American doctors pray for their patients, but they would not be caught dead admitting this publicly. But as far as Dr Dorsey is concerned, after he saw the results of the San Francisco Hospital Survey, modern medicine will never be the same again! These amazing results demonstrate the “Presence” of a powerful and benign force working for Universal Good, and it works through many spheres of consciousness and dimensions too.

Many of us have relatives on the other side, those we love who have passed on. Empaths, psychics and mediums say these are the loving spirits waiting on the sidelines, ready to help us when we need them or when we call out to them. The power of prayer also reaches out to the “Heavenly Healing Contingent”, angelic, light filled entities that cooperate with God’s Plan and “descend” as his representatives when we call on them!

There is one metaphysical law for all that “heavenly help” if we want it to come forwards for us. Whether we pray for ourselves or another, we have to ask for divine intervention and that “asking” is best done through prayer. We also need to reach out to God’s angels and light filled spirits and ask that they come and heal us too! That is an obvious “Metaphysical Law” that needs to be adhered to.

Yes Spirits do exist! The Spirits of our beloved ones, Spirits that take on angelic forms, Spirits that haunt us and our houses with their refusal to leave planet earth when they “die”. This planet is teaming with multi-dimensional, indefinable life forms that scientists are still trying to define. We are sure one day they will! Until that day, have faith that a Great Love and Light-filled Plan is emerging, no matter how challenging our circumstances!