Free Love Readings


8259100webheartsWhen we go for free love readings on line or by phone, it is usually because we are facing a heartbreaking situation. The boyfriend has just left us, the wife has walked out and the blind date was a look-alike for Attila the Hun. When Valentine’s Day comes around, and the postman has an empty post bag yet again, we might be inclined to moan down the phone to an empath doing free love readings that we obviously have very bad love karma. We have probably forgotten that other lovers went through even worse.

Famous Love

Think “Romeo and Juliet”, certainly they could have done with a few free love readings. Poster children for the word “star-crossed”, two desperate kids who learnt what heartbreak was all about, they were destined for tragedy. Cleopatra and Mark Anthony did not joke much about love either, a few free love readings might have stopped Anthony from falling on his sword when he heard that false news of Cleopatra’s death. You can bet your bottom dollar that Guinevere would have gotten as many free love readings as possible when she first fell in love with Sir Lancelot. She was eventually condemned to burn at the stake, until her Lancelot rescued her of course. Josephine would also have gone for free love readings in her time, especially when her Napoleon started repeated “not tonight” on a daily basis.

Perhaps the “mother of all tragic love stories” was that of Scarlet O’Hara and Rhett Butler in Margaret Mitchell’s epic novel “Gone with the Wind.” How many of us have said “Tomorrow is another day” when we found out we were in love with someone who had already left us. Whether they be Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester, Pyramus and Thisbe, Pocahontas and John Smith, Queen Victoria and her Prince Albert, the epic love story has us riveted. Our own love stories have us just as engrossed, especially when they are “star crossed” like Romeo and Juliet’s. We fall in love with a married man, we nurture passion for a “forbidden love”, we cannot forget a past lover, all of these situations will have us reaching for the free love readings, or desperately seeking a psychologist.


Free love readings


Free love readings are usually undertaken by metaphysical folk with a firm grasp on the human condition; in fact free love readings are a boon to those who do not know which way to turn. Perhaps Romeo and Juliet would never have become a Shakespearian play if they had consulted free love readings.  Perhaps Queen Victoria would not have dressed in black for the rest of her life if she had known her Albert continued on the “other side”. The list goes on and on. Certainly free love readings cannot change our feelings for someone who is “unavailable” but they can lay before us a different perspective or an in-depth understanding to help us on our way. A sad fact to note is that perhaps Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor would never have divorced if Liz had insisted on getting a few free love readings?

So next time Valentine’s Day comes around don’t be too glum if a card does not drop through the door. A couple of free love readings could have you realizing that you are destined for a truly greater love, so Heathcliff and Cathy, go back to “Wuthering Heights!”