Psychic Reading Ability


Premonition is an amazing thing! Psychic ability is an astonishing thing! Sixth sense is something within us, “a power we all have” in the author Maria Coffey’s words. It happens, sometimes unexpectedly. In a split second we see through to a “truth of life”, and understand our place in it. Perhaps our psychic ability will take years to develop. Perhaps our psychic ability is a personal process or an inspiring enfoldment of genetics, i.e. granny was a psychic or mum reads tea leaves. But also, may be our psychic ability is connected to something even more extraordinary, our yearning to understand the mysteries of life, and whether the same paranormal events that shock and intrigue us are shared by others. “Some experiences are beyond words!” says Maria Coffey, who is also an adventure guide and journalist.

Maria Coffey

Psychic ability Maria tells us can be gifted by nature, by spirit, by the invisible. Adventure athletes, for example, experience a sudden increase of psychic ability when they are undertaking extreme sports. Maria Coffey talks about the incredible “other worldly dimensions” mountaineers live through as they stand on the edge of a free fall, or scramble up a dark and icy ledge. Maria talks about her latest book, Explorers of the Infinite, on the Oprah Winfrey “Soul Series”. She describes the spiritual encounters extreme athletes have experienced, from near-death to psychic communication, and beyond. She says when mountaineers, for example, are in danger; they have been known to report meetings with the “Spirit of the Mountain”, who leads them through a snow storm to survival and safety. She says that pushing themselves to the limit helps connect to their core being and break open their psychic ability. Adventure athletes therefore break through “the veil”, under duress. They report an overwhelming sense of “aliveness” in moments of great danger. Maria Coffey refers to it as their “Transcendence Zone”. She says, “They strip themselves away, open themselves up and hone into their intuition to survive”.

Maria interviewed a Mexican mountaineer who called his need to climb a “spiritual addiction to extended reality”. He had experienced abnormal experiences, such as being in telepathic communication with others and he said that he longed for those moments. “I only reach them” he said, “when I am close to the edge of death and “poof” the channel is open!” In other words psychic abilities crack open due to survival issues and another realm of consciousness is experienced.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah asked Maria whether she thought these mountaineers were different from ordinary human beings. Maria answered “to a certain extent, yes, since they take their life to the very edge. There have always been great adventurers who “pushed the envelope and risked everything for knowledge, for understanding, for evolution”. The great explorers who had to challenge themselves to sail the seas of a “flat world!” Ancient mystics used to wander the mountains, shamans would dive under frozen rivers. Even at the beginning of the last century Eskimo shamans spent a month sealed in an igloo without food. “All true wisdom is to be found far away from men and under duress!” Maria was told by a risk taking mountaineer.

So those of us who foster psychic abilities might need to realize that we have chosen an existence without compare, something that pushes us to another dimension, to great challenge and personal tests. As we understand the weird and wonderful, the extraordinary, the perplexing nature of the bizarre we surrender to our psychic abilities and accept that they are not only part of who we are, but a key to opening the door to an amazing destiny!