Accurate Reading

19147722mental1You have just had an accurate reading, super accurate in fact. You never expected it, but the psychic literally blew “your cotton socks off!” She told you exactly what was going on, in minute detail. That accurate reading consisted in the psychic explaining the “whys and wherefores” of your emotional dilemma, your unhappy childhood, even the way you scratch you forearm when you are perplexed and more.

But how can a psychic tune in and carry out an accurate reading with such dexterity? Of course you realize you were blessed; since you managed to find a psychic with awesome capacities and her accurate reading made you feel so much more confident about your life and you wonder how she did it.

The Human Soul Planes

Well, an evolved psychic heals her own life to be a pure channel for Spirit. She might practice a meditation programme or carry out self enquiry, but she will have a grasp of the various planes of consciousness as a result of her spiritual practice. She knows that Spirit expresses itself through the five planes of the human soul: the etheric; the astral; the mental and the spiritual planes.

The physical plane

The physical plane is our perception of who we are. Our ego resides on the spiritual plane as does our flesh and bone human manifestation. Our destiny, or karma, expresses itself through the physical plane so that we can eventually go beyond it and realize we are far more “celestial” than what we may appear to be in 3-D reality.

The etheric plane

The etheric plane is made up a fine tissue of light where our souls rest when we dream, even though we still maintain our connection to our physical bodies We might even meet our guides in dream worlds, angelic or spiritual beings that teach us the truth of existence, or take us through a healing experience that rejuvenates us. It is quite common to not remember these types of angelic teachings in the dream worlds of the etheric plane.

The astral plane

The astral plane is made up of ideas and it is a vibrational manifestation of our inner worlds. The astral plane is multidimensional and multi-level like a huge skyscraper of conscious thought forms. It contains every “perception” from the beginning of time, including all “heavens” and “hells” “ghouls” and “spirit guides”. The astral is a “real” phenomenon even though it expresses itself thru consciousness. Those who have had “out of body experiences” often enter the lower “floors” of the astral plane, yet they are still connected to their physical body by a silver cord.

The mental plane

The mental plane, also called the causal plane, is one of higher thought, pure thought; beyond past present and future. It is where the Divine resides. Those who cultivate the mental plane become angelic and can access heavenly healing energies. If you try lifting yourself to a higher level where you can look down on your mundane thought forms and realize they are but a creation of your lower mind, you will have some concept of the power of the mental plane.

The spiritual plane

The spiritual plane, cannot tolerate negative energies. If you surrender to the power of it, it will refine all your thoughts. This dimension relieves anguish and purifies souls, lightening up karma, sometimes even eliminating the negativity within our lives. Great healers are adept at channelling the spiritual plane into the physical Buddha, Christ and other incarnated beings who came to help humanity, expressed the God Force that resides in the spiritual plane through the physical. If you learn to vibrate at a higher level and connect to the spiritual plane for one minute, the most amazing things will start happening. It will be as if you are “charmed” but in reality you have made a radical choice for the light. In the spiritual dimension, negative energy is perceived as too dense and heavy and is immediately transformed.

There are many “seekers” who cannot tolerate the purification process of the spiritual plane of consciousness, because as we are refined, fear and doubt can surface. This is what is often described by mystics as “the dark night of the soul”. But if we reach out for protection, the angelic realms will come to our rescue and lead us to the right guides, for example a psychic or healer who will guide us to manifest our highest purpose. This is indeed the value of an accurate reading, it can lead us to the truth of who we are, just divine beings, manifesting on earth to carry out our sacred plan.