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So what do Bruce Willis, Bill Gates, Bill Clinton and Harrison Ford all have in common? Well the first clue is that it has to do with astrology and horoscopes? So what could that astrology and horoscopes connection be then? Well, Pluto in Leo of course, that is the prime astrology and horoscope key to these guys’ characters.

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Mr. Pluto in Mr. Leo is one big roar of masculine “larger than life” energy. Think Leo, the warmth of the sun, the generosity, the “intense” vibration, and then think Pluto, the King of the Underworld and that obsession with understanding, with deep knowledge and the unconscious mind and you have the “baby boomers” on an astrological rampage, with an obsessive attachment to constant self expression.

Unafraid to stand in the light or stand up to top heavy governments and the nasty habits of their generation, they say it how it is! An older generation with the soul of Peter Pan, the kind of adult that never grows up, that still likes to play scrabble, or swing around in a hammock. Yes, the Pluto in Leo astrology and horoscopes mix is one of the best and it means fun evolutionary and revolutionary times. These folks will serve us well, they will be the grandpas and grandmas carrying the torch well into the years leading up to 2012.

So where will Mr. Pluto in Leo be in the coming years? He will be standing in the front line of a demonstration against global warming; he will be an esoteric, a rock star playing fabulous guitar at 65, a healer, an old soldier, a controversial speaker in the House of Commons. He will want to be recognized for the wonder of who he is, so people understand that he has been through hell to understand Spirit, and God and yet still be standing before us in one piece!

He or she is the old git willing to take it on the chin for humanity. The fact that he or she suffers from some sort of self obsession – nothing and nobody could be more self obsessed than Bill Clinton – means little, as he is still “fascination in person” and youthful til he croaks.

He or she will always touch the heights and if not yearn to climb to the top of the mountain. Elton John has Leo in Pluto and when he strides on to the stage with his glamour and excessive ways, we all love him. He is Mr. Entertainment in person, colourful so absolutely “unique” that we can do nothing else but gawp. In fact, Leo in Pluto loves being gawped at. Exaggerated, multi dimensional, totally free spirited, Mr. Leo in Pluto is the guy or gal who is living an Indian summer when most other folks are putting their names down for the Old Age Home.

They are the guys who take a risk, play the dice, the casino, the girl or boyfriend twenty years younger. Just like Mr. Leo would do in the underworld, they wallow in the dark intensity of it all! Playing chess with death and passion, with a grin on their faces.

Leo in Pluto is the classic sleeping giant waking up to reality and enjoying it no matter the price. How could Clinton have not courted our friend Monica and ruined his political career? How could Bruce not have left his Demi, and rocked his life away? How could Harrison Ford have not continued making strenuous action movies well into middle age? Middle age means little to our Leos in Pluto they are the archetypal baby boomers, born during the Second World War or not long after, they know what crisis is all about, they thrived off it, they grew up with a mega galactic vision for humanity as a result. In fact, one could say they will be the first to step into the UFO when it lands on the White house Lawn!

Astrology, the psychic, the spiritual are the only elements of reality that Leos in Pluto cannot do without, cannot help being obsessed with. They need a spiritual definition of destiny, they need to test out the deepest waters of humanity’s issues and resolve them. They want the world to survive the asteroid, the economic crisis, global warming and Mayan 2012 predictions. They want to survive because Leos in Pluto are eternal optimists; the kind that knows what true grief and darkness are all about They only part of that wondrous, exciting, melodramatic deal called life!