Psychic Phone Reading

19172840spookygravesAs you opt for a psychic phone reading to get clarity as to why you are feeling so edgy in your own home, you might not be that surprised to learn you are being haunted! The empath connecting to you during a psychic phone reading not only picks up personal issues in your life via your vibration but also senses spirit guides, entities or ghosts that you might have around your aura too! This might sound spooky, but certainly some empaths carrying out a psychic phone reading have had more of their share of visits to haunted houses, they have probably even released some spirits from their trials with a prayer or a healing ritual. But certainly a psychic would have had a field day if she had visited Invercargill, New Zealand.

Invercargill, New Zealand

Andrew Watters was with his partner when he decided to do a tour of a certain haunted Vulcan Hotel in Invercargill NZ, but on getting there no spectres were to be seen. However Watters reports that while he was having a beer in a pub near to the hotel he suddenly got a case of the goose bumps. He and his partner then decided to take some more pictures of Invercargill; and of course they certainly enjoyed their little escapade until the photographs were printed. Watterse told the Paranormal News that “a friend spotted a shape with an uncanny resemblance to a woman in a photo of the ex post office window”. This face was looking out on the window and was somewhat chilling. Vulcan Hotel leasee Jude Cavanagh said it was the first she had heard of a ghost sighting at the post office.

It’s a very spirited town, so who knows? She said.


Ghosts are the souls of those having a difficult time letting go of worldly situations and are usually suffering somewhat because of their attachment to places and people. Certain readers who carry out a psychic phone reading are sorry for them, and want to take up the unusual mission of helping these spirits release from their trapped “moment in time”. The writer Stephen Wagner tells us, as would any medium or clairvoyant carrying out a psychic phone reading that there are ways to suss out whether our house is haunted. “You might hear some rather strange noises that could sound like bumps, thumps or rattles” he writes. “Cupboard doors could open and close.”

Spooky Experiences

We know of a case when someone had just folded a nightdress into her dresser drawer, and closed it. Having forgotten something, she returned to the bedroom to see the same drawer open again. Light bulbs might burn out too fast too or lights could turn off and on suddenly. Perhaps you had just switched the light off in the kitchen and returning to get a glass of water, finding it back on again. Stephen wagner warns us of sinister dark spots somewhere in the room too, or your cat might seem very hyper, hide under the sofa, do their business in the wrong place, or in milder cases pinpoint something invisible with a long stare.

After going through such chilling experiences you will certainly want to talk to a psychic to get some input as to why you feel fingers on your face each time you switch on the telly. Of course it is not possible for a clairvoyant doing a psychic phone reading to come and see the client at home. However, the psychic on your case will first calm you down during the psychic phone reading and perhaps tell you one of the simplest ways of getting rid of a ghost is politely asking it to leave, if it is not a “mean critter” type of ghost of course. But if you have a poltergeist throwing your best china around, you are better off calling in a shaman, a healer or a specialised priest to carry out some spiritual or religious ceremony. Some empaths might advise you during your psychic phone reading that prayer is the answer, or even simply lighting incense, burning a candle and singing a hymn, yes singing a hymn! But one thing is certain, you can release a ghost if you are aware it is there and the clairvoyant available for your psychic phone reading will probably be able to spot the haunting. But it is still always advisable to let the psychic ease your fears, she could inform you to take some Bach flower remedies which can help the situation and also spray them around the house. She could tell you to take hot salted baths, the cure is different according to the case. But you will definitely find solutions during a psychic phone reading, make no mistake the empath will do her best to ease your fears and send Mr Spectre on his merry way!