Esp – Extra Sensory Perception

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Do you have Extra Sensory Perception, or ESP, a gift that enables you to tune into people’s thoughts, pick up their anxieties, their emotions, even connect to them long distance without a mobile? Do you see the future in your dreams? Have you seen a ghost, or had any out of the ordinary “happenings”, such as life after death, or an out of body experience? If you are fascinated by such a subject, these days you can dive into ESP tests online to try out your own psychic skills. ESP tests usually entail a rather magical card set called Zener that sports strange hieroglyphics. As the Zener cards are laid out in patterns, you “predict” what the next pattern will be like. These tests have been used by scientists in the USA and Russia to test people’s psychic powers. There are other ESP tests including guessing what colour will come up next, once you have taken in a series of multicoloured geometric shapes. But the fact is ESP is also a “spiritual” experience, and cannot be confined to ESP tests alone, as metaphysical visions, events, or insights, have a remarkable tendency to happen “out of the Blue!”

Michael Jackson & Liberace

Our beloved Michael Jackson would not have taken any ESP tests for sure, even so he would have been shocked when he first felt his connection to the outrageous and very defunct Liberace, the fifties pianist who used to strut onstage and play divine piano. Liberace’s dress code was silk and sequins, and as he smiled at a galvanized audience, he once took the London Palladium by storm; in fact he could be described as the mini-Michael Jackson of his day. Clearly, just like Michael, Liberace would dress “to the nines”. And eerily, just like Michael, Liberace delivered live-wire performances. One wonders whether the two of them are laughing together in the light.

Russell Crowe


Russell Crowe spoke of his ESP experience in the kitchen of his family home. “Suddenly a kookaburra flew in the window. It looked me in the eye and I knew my grandfather had died. I phoned home and my mother confirmed it”. Russell was certain that the bird embodied his grandfather’s spirit. Years later his mum rang him up distraught telling Russell that a woman who had worked with his granddad had just visited and told her that the day his granddad died, a Kookaburra had visited her too.

Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue did not take ESP tests to sense the presence of her once great love, Michael Hutchence, and the “enfant terrible” of Hollywood, Gary Busey, had more than his share of metaphysical incidents to avoid ESP tests. He “died” three times from drugs, cancer, and then a car accident! The most significant near death event that happened to him was a motorcycle accident, when he was driving without a crash helmet. He was thrown into the air and fell hard, hitting his head hard on the asphalt. As he was being operated on, he saw angels, magnificent entities of ball-like light, but he could not make out wings or faces. He has since transformed his life style, and become a spiritual man.

Describing an ESP border lining on mystical can be difficult, because often when people do they are misunderstood, misinterpreted, even maligned. Jane Goodhall, the famous primate expert describes a beautiful experience she had in Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. “It is hard now, after twenty years, to recapture that moment of ecstasy in the Cathedral—although the experience has never left me. It became incorporated into the warp and woof of my very being. If I hear Bach’s fugue, no matter where I am, the result is the same: just as the chimes of Big Ben trigger an unconscious spasm of fear, so that music floods my whole being with love, joy, and a sort of spiritual exaltation. It was not important, I think, that the music was Bach, or that particular fugue. And I suspect the experience could have occurred in another cathedral, or a Church, a Mosque, a Temple, a Synagogue. It was the glorious reverberation of the organ in an ancient place of worship, sanctified over hundreds of years by the sincere prayers of so many thousands of people. The impact was so powerful I suppose because it came at a time when so much was changing in my life, when I was vulnerable. When I was, without knowing it, needing to be reconnected with the Spirit Power I call God—or perhaps I should say being reminded of my connection. The experience, whatever else it did, put me back on track; it forced me to rethink the meaning of my life on earth.” So yes folks, by all means go for some ESP tests to find out how psychically “sensitive” you are but remember, sometimes the real ESP test comes quite unexpectedly!