Best UK Psychic

19131798futureWhat makes a Best UK Psychic? Some of the answers are obvious. A best UK Psychic is able to decipher the pattern of becausemic energies. A best UK Psychic expresses sensitivity and compassion; a best UK Psychic is adept at holding spiritual knowledge and utilizing it in a healing capacity. A best UK Psychic, will have followed their own metaphysical path, never wavering in front of great challenge. They will radiate charisma and transmit warmth and humanity down the phone and during a text conversation or on line chat. You will literally “feel” tingles up and down your spine as you speak to them. A best UK Psychic will not want to bamboozle you, he or she will express the truth of what they see having no fear of your reaction because a best UK Psychic knows their mission is to help you journey through life in the good and bad. Some of the best UK Psychics will be committed to increasing their compassionate qualities and will have learnt many lessons from spiritual teachers called “Gurus”, or “Masters” who have incarnated on this planet to help humanity.

Spiritual masters


Spiritual masters have a deep sense of their life purpose and unlike us, rarely have emotional issues to work out on this plain of consciousness. They have come to earth to sustain humanity’s evolution. They are the humblest of beings with the most powerful of energies and rarely sing their own praises. If these Spiritual Masters do emerge in your life count yourself lucky, Divine Energy is obviously encouraging you to follow a higher life path that will eventually lead you to fulfilment and a deeper understanding of yourself and others

Ramana Maharshi

One such spiritual teacher, or guru, was Ramana Maharshi. Considered a “great” he was born in Tirucculii in Southern India and had deep compassion for the pain of human existence from when he was a child. He spent years in profound meditation to understand the true nature of the human soul and soon spiritual seekers flocked to his centre at the foot of Mountain Arunchalawa to be in his light-filled presence. He would ask his seekers to meditate on the phrase “Who am I?” so that they could comprehend the ultimate lesson which is that the negative elements of the human ego can only be extinguished by the strength of a loving heart.

William Bloom


Another such enlightened being is William Bloom, known for his warm and friendly demeanour. The Independent wrote that William Bloom has an “encyclopaedic knowledge” of meditation. He has helped thousands of people to heal their lives, and is currently Director for the Foundation of Holistic Spirituality. He holds a doctorate in psychology from the LSE, and lived with the Saharan Berbers in spiritual retreat for two years. The “essence” of his life is lived with joy and humility, which is always the true mark of an evolved soul.

When we realize that a psychic reading is often a deep perception of Karmic and soul issues, as well as past and future tendencies, we will come to the reading with a more enlightened attitude. In fact a Best UK Psychic will read us more easily if we relax into trust and understanding, knowing that the Psychic is doing their very best to guide us to our objectives and inspire us along our way. After all, their main purpose is to help us along the greatest path of all, the path of true love! And if we listen to their sometimes-simple words, we could find that is just the path we truly desire, with all the accompanying happiness and inner peace!