30715310hugkissThe psychic at the fair looked at her cards, blinked twice and told you “You vill meet ze tall dark stranger vithin ze year!” You did, and love took you unawares, you fell madly, deeply, passionately, you were so in love you could hardly stand it! You saw him or her across a crowded room and that was it, sudden, incomprehensible passion. You sidled up, nonchalantly acting like they were not the most beautiful creature you had ever seen. You tried to stop your lower lip trembling; you reached for another glass of crme to menthe and almost choked on your cocktail sausage stick. This is it you thought, and so it was. for a while.


Then love started to go pear shaped, you argued about who took the rubbish out, who emptied the cat tray, who did the washing up, and in narcissistic cases, even who was the more beautiful. The tall, dark stranger walked out one bright day and no matter how many times you reached for the creme de menthe, it had to be faced, you were still desperately, hopelessly in love. It was about then you started calling on line tarot services and an astro club. You had your cards read, your birth chart analyzed, your aura photographed and your numerology chart done with one vital question in mind: when was he/she going to walk through your door, take you in their arms and say “I am sorry?” In other words, when were you ever going to see the beloved, tall, dark stranger, that exotic object of your affections again?

Since time began humanity has been asking the muses for love guidance, especially when it comes to broken hearts. At some stage we all yearn for that tall dark stranger, or hanker after that cool blonde, yet seemingly at least 80 percent of the human race are healing a broken heart at this very minute!

The Tall, Dark Stranger Tarot

Psychics have helped the human eros for centuries with their tarot cards. One particularly intriguing new set is called “Tall, Dark Stranger, the Tarot for Love and Romance” Corrine Kenner’s cards are delightful due to their vibrant images, plus the figurative richness of the arcane archetypes, and it is intriguing how each card defines every emotion possible when it comes to love complexities. Many psychics use it for clients who are dealing with the loss of an adored one, and it helps heal that feeling that one will never, ever find love again.

The “Tall, Dark Stranger” tarot, is based on the original Italian tarrochi that has since morphed into many diverse packs, some specialized in the lovelorn alone. “The “Tall, Dark Stranger” will give your psychic a lot of input to help you sort your love life out and she or he will be stimulated to connect to the “love muse” even more intensely as a result.

A psychic’s review on Corrine’s pack was posted on Amazon books recently. It stated:

Corinne takes each card in the deck and translates its romantic aspects, which are not always easy to grasp. She demonstrates how to put together a sensitive and satisfying read for the querent that is neither sugar-coated nor blunt, yet flowers with hope, patience and beauty. Superb job, nicely written, and although I still try to avoid romance readings for the emotional hand grenades they can be, I feel this book has helped equip me to do an acceptable reading without pulling the pin!”

In other words, we do not have to blow ourselves up about love, all we have to do is reach out for a sensitive psychic and get ourselves a good pack of tarot cards that we can dip into each time we get a case of those “Tall Dark Stranger” blues! Not bad for starters!