Strictly Come Dancing 2011 - with Russell Grant

Wow – What a Final Strictly!

And so we come to the Grand Final in bonny, breezyBlackpoolthe capital of showbiz where I lived for many years!   Blackpool’s Tower Ballroom, the palace of showbiz is probably the only place in the country for such a fabulous entertainment extravaganza to be held. The huge ballroom has always been the people’s ballroom and […]

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Bye Bye Robbie..

  Although I am no longer part of the Saturday night fun and games this has still been a very busy week for me and all the competitors, past and Present in the “Strictly” line up.   IT was wonderful to be invited back for The “Strictly Christmas Special” and for Flavia and me to […]

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Wonderful Anita..

Although I am no longer dancing the light fantastic with the rest of my friends this has been a far from quiet week.   Monday evening saw me once again on the couch with Zoe for “It Takes Two” and a chance to talk about Saturday night’s show. The Golden Shot from the big cannon […]

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All good things must come to an end..!

Well…. There we are – all good things must come to an end.   Saturday’s Wembley show was an exhilarating, exciting exit for me and I could have asked for a better send off.   The Big Bang theory saw me flying through the air with maybe not the greatest of ease and then landing […]

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Kylie Loves Russell Grant!

This week I have spent all my time down in theBigCityrehearsing for the Wonderful Wembley Whizz Bang! Of course every silver lining has a cloud and my cloud this week has been not being able to go home again toWalesand catch up with all the local news. Now, I must start the blog with a […]

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Russell is off to Wembley…

It’s been a busy time since I last had a chance on Thursday to update my Blog. A busy, but an exciting and even exhilarating time.   The days have passed in a melee of press interviews, practice sessions and preparations for the big show on Saturday. I have even had a couple of photo […]

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American not so smooth…

This week has been rather different and difficult. Poor Flavia was due to travel fromLondontoNorth Walesfor our usual practice sessions, but with one thing and another the whole day was lost. Delayed leaving London Flavia travelled with the BBC film crew and got tangled up in traffic so she didn’t reachNorth Walesuntil 9.30 at night. […]

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Russell tames the Spanish Bull…

So……. The Paso Doble was my passport to another week in “Strictly Come Dancing” I hope you enjoyed the comic interpretation of this dramatic dance that Flavia and I produced on Saturday night. From Anita’sCharlestonto Chelsee’sCharlestonwe were treated to a spectacular evening of ever rising standards and styles. As the weeks fly by I am […]

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Kylie Minogue is backing Russell Grant!

KYLIE Minogue is backing Russell Grant after he danced through the pain to one of her hits. Russell, 60, wore a red suit and horns to dance to Better The Devil You Know with partner Flavia Cacace — despite torn cartilage in his knee. Kylie sent Russell a Twitter message after the show, asking: “How […]

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Russell The Bull Fighter in his Pasa Doble

It’s been an interesting and inspiring week so far. First of all, Monday morning brought a flood of emails to be dealt with and later that morning the postman arrived with a bundle of fan mail. On top of all that there are all the wonderful messages on Twitter and Facebook. I am totally bowled […]

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Better the Devil you know!

Down to London from our energising practice sessions in North Walesmore fun and games with Zoe on Thursday night in “It Takes Two”. Friday morning found me swapping tales, choosing the music with Chris Evans on Radio 2 and it ranks as one of the most exciting and enjoyable radio experience ever. I always enjoy […]

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Spooky Strictly

Monday was a strange day. First of all there was a breakdown of communication somewhere along the line and Flavia missed her connecting train up toNorth Wales. By the time she arrived Monday was almost over and done with. On top of that I had to schedule time in the afternoon to visit our local […]

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Video Exclusive for Samba week (28th Oct)

After the Tango week and Russell’s leg problems – the show is still going on…. Flavia, Teddy (Tango Teddy) and Russell are here with a special exclusive message!

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The Show must go on…

    Well… it was touch and go Saturday night especially for me. During a punishing practice week of not only dancing but scrambling up and down the majestic hills and valleys ofNorth Waleswith a BBC film crew in tow my leg and ankle was playing up even more than usual. So much so that […]

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It Takes Two to Tango!

It takes two to Tango and that’s what I am finding out this week with Flavia to guide me through the steps of this passion packed ballroom dance.   It was a late night journey back toWales, but it went quickly as I was over the moon to have made it through another week.   […]

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Foxtrot! Foxtrot! Foxtrot!

  When you see the professionals gliding across the floor it gives you no idea of just how difficult it is to pull off the truly faultless foxtrot. Keeping the arms and shoulders in the correct position whilst dipping forwards and backwards and twirling round and round really is a challenge.   Saturday brought its […]

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Fabulous Foxtrot

A small change of routine this week. Instead of heading up to wonderfulWalesafter the weekend shows I stayed down south with my dear old dad. It was great not to have the late night journey but I do love my home and I miss all my friends in Snowdonia. It has to be one of […]

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Russell plans a special Foxtrot

An early morning dash in the dark by car from Wales to London, and a busy day of interviews with newspapers and radio stations followed by an early evening appearance on “Strictly It Takes Two”.   Talk about “Footloose” after a long day I kicked off my shoes with Zoe and did the interview in […]

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Russell Grant and AOL Video Interview

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Russell Grant chats Strictly to MSN

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Russell says “It’s Salsa time..”

“After an exciting but exhausting Friday night and a glamorous Saturday evening in the company of all my Strictly friends it was a bit of downer to find myself heading home through the dark night in the early hours of the morning to North Wales.”   “It’s always worth the journey to get back to the wonderful […]

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Strictly Horoscopes by Russell Grant

Russell Grant reveals the Starsign elements between each of the Strictly couples. Which couple are your favourite..?   RUSSELL GRANT, Aquarius and FLAVIA CACACE, Pisces As an Aquarian everything should go well with Strictly Come Dancing’s star dancer Piscean Flavia, but what makes the partnership so truly magical is that the Venus in my chart […]

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Russell comes out of his shell…

Russell Grant Comes out of his shell! Picture the countdown commotion to nine o’clock behind the scenes at Television Centre, there are people rushing here and there checking make-up, checking lighting, checking sound levels and checking my blood pressure! Everybody has a job to do, they know how to do it and they are all […]

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1st Week Live Dance!

1st week live dance on Strictly Come Dancing!

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Flavia Cacace and Astrologer, Russell Grant, begin training for Strictly Come Dancing 2011.

    Flavia Cacace and Astrologer, Russell Grant, begin training for Strictly Come Dancing 2011.

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Press Interviews and Costume Fittings!

Awful journey home! A40 completely stuffed with traffic. Did loads today, about half-a-dozen press interviews, cossie fitting and couple of promo VTs plus run through in the studio which didn’t go too badly. Tomorrow early start BBC Surrey 8 am; Absolute Radio with my mate Christian O’Connell; Stephen Nolan BBC Radio Ulster 10.20 ish. Now can […]

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Russell’s First Strictly Blog

  “It’s always a thrill when you know the main event is nearly here, the band are tuning up, the competitors putting final touches to their outfits and routines and we are all about to “take the floor” For me, the chance to join the “Strictly” team is fabulous– but if I am to find […]

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Live Rehearsal Today!

Breakfast time! Need fruit and a Berocca! Great Chinese from Harefield with the family last night but not a good night’s sleep. Woke up at 3 pm and hung around in bed for what seemed an eternity. Looking forward to seeing my cossie – wonder what it will be like? Then got to look at […]

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Tired, weary, exhausted! It’s a killer …. spending time with dad, brother, sister-in-law, niece and step mum tonight then bed time. I’m still loving the show but want to get the routine over with now. Not the best of days, did the dance in front of a few folks and made too many mistakes due […]

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Last day of training…. Foot troubles still brewing!

First good night’s sleep: six hours ain’t so bad for me. Foot did well overnight it’s only after about two hours rehearsing it tends to throb and hurt. Never mind! Last day in training before heading over to TVC tomorrow. Looking forward to getting into the main Strictly studio as there’s still one piece of […]

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