Are You An Earth Angel?

19132785earthangelDo you love humanity?

Do you feel others emotions as deeply as your own? Do you take on the burdens of others? Did you experience a difficult childhood? Did you feel others disapproved of you? Did you ever feel a lone wolf? Do you experience, or sense ghosts and entities? Did you suffer trauma, abuse or difficult life situations? Do you feel a need to heal yourself? Do you worry excessively about the world situation? Have you sacrificed your own life for the happiness of one you love? Do you doubt your abilities? Do you judge yourself harshly? Do you ask yourself why you are here? Do you yearn to have a purpose in life? Do you wake up suddenly in the middle of the night? Do you have spiritually intense dreams? Are you overweight or far too thin? Do you feel disturbed by authority? Do you get very cold or hot? Have you moved recently? Do strange thoughts suddenly pop into your mind? Do you look far younger than your years? Do you burst into tears or laugh out loud for no reason? Do you suffer from odd aches and pains that doctors cannot diagnose? Do you feel nobody notices you? Writer and mystic Karen Bishop of “Wings” believes that a new order of Earth Angels is coming to the fore to help humanity and she might not be wrong.

If you can answer just three of the above, you are probably not going crazy, but are on a great new adventure. Lower vibrating people will seek you out; higher vibrating people will align with you because you might be an Earth Angel. Hard to believe? The fact is many have been chosen to assist Mother Earth during her current process of evolution. In other words you are here to hold the energy as humanity adjusts to the changes. This is not just about the New Age, a somewhat over used term that is not applicable to this process. This is about waking up to the fact that humanity is facing one of the most challenging periods in history. Current perceptions and social mores will dissolve entirely and new structures and paradigms will appear so fast it will be all you can do to hold your breath. You will suddenly find yourself standing up to virtually anything. Why? Because you are an Earth Angel. A high vibrating being, in a low vibrational reality.

Your Role

In one short century the human race has learnt to fly airplanes, gone to the moon, invented advanced communication systems and complex entertainment paradigms as well as finding cures for life threatening diseases. But human beings continue to perpetuate atrocities and injustices against each other through war, cultural ignorance and superstition. As an Earth Angel you are joining a vanguard of people who will outbalance the negative actions perpetuated by 70 percent of humanity. Why? Because you will feed into the positivity factor, mingle and merge, never fuelling negative thoughts towards those who think differently from you. In short, you will feel a deep love in your heart for the human condition.

As an Earth Angel, you are being called upon to transform your own life. You will access the illuminated power of your subconscious mind to heal and re-align old ways, paradigms and thought forms. You will liberate stress from your physical and mental body as you access your intuitive, healing gifts. You will not find it so hard to have faith and speak your true thoughts either and you will experience the deeper emotions of your heart and move on with a vanguard of Earth Angels who are helping this planet to evolve right now.

Sometimes being an Earth Angel means taking practical steps. Even if you manage to do just two of the outlined actions listed below you are on the right track.

1. If you are not meditating, you will learn to, or practice Yoga to harmonize your energy field on a daily basis.

2. You will help someone new every day, either through a kind word or deed

3. You will contribute to social activities that are helping Mother Earth recuperate from Global Warming. You could take a stand against Dolphin and Whale hunting or start using solar panels to heat your home

4. You could adopt a child at a distance or become a mentor to a student with learning difficulties.

5. You could take a senior citizen out for walks or keep them company, listening to their stories about the “old days”.

6. You could contribute to a charity or help someone financially, even with a small contribution.

7. You will not allow litterbugs to mess up your streets, and maintain a beautiful environment around you, planting herbs and flowers in urban areas.

8. You will also grow healing herbs and vegetables on your balcony or in your garden

9. You will learn a healing technique such as massage, reflexology or reiki.

10. You will Feng Shui your home or use crystals in your office space to maintain balanced energy vibes.

11. You will educate yourself regarding other people’s cultures and religions.

12. You will learn tolerance, kindness and patience towards all living things.

13. You will be open to learning new healing systems as well as keeping up to scratch with the New Science, like the Quantum and String theories.

14. You will maintain an open mind at all times. And become more aware of subtle changes in weather and the environment around you.

To gain a more personal perspective on how to become an Earth Angel you could contact a Spiritual Mentor, Psychic, Life Coach or Healer and they will create a specialized programme for you by tuning into your energy field. Aside from the above, perhaps you already know what to do? But one thing is for sure; you will soon realize that you can make a difference to the world!