How to Become a Medium

88634084yogatreesThe question “How to become a medium?” is usually asked when we discover we have high voltage sensibilities. We imagine a life of helping others, of connecting to Spirit, of joining a vanguard of esoterics who inspire and encourage others. Seeing the spirit of a family member who has passed on, or that sudden insight into messages from the other side might encourage us to think we could have a natural gift, perhaps one that can be developed into something more.


Yet the question – how to become a medium? needs to be asked with responsibility. Many believe that one can develop metaphysical skills through discipline and “technique” alone, for example, utilizing creative visualizations, exercises that stretch third eye vision or expand the crown chakra. In order to receive the clear “whisperings” of Spirit, these aforementioned techniques do indeed help stretch our minds and build up intellectual capacity. Our brains subsequently act as antenna to channelled information beyond 3-D reality. In fact, as trance mediumship can be especially powerful for the medium and her client, sustaining metaphysical energies is a fundamental part to the success of any channel.

Yet, surprisingly, the baseline answer to that question “how to become a medium” is to cultivate unconditional love and detox from personal interest and negative thoughts. A medium is a human being, and as such will feel “up and down” emotions like the rest of us. Yet, her most fundamental gift is her capacity to nurture compassion for the human condition. To build on her love for humanity. As mediums unleash higher perceptions, notwithstanding their own, often challenging lives, they dare themselves to go beyond fear and doubt, and embrace the concept of eternal life.


A novice medium, who is enthusiastic about her potential skill, will try to understand why some do not want to communicate with those who have passed on. Why some might wish to recall their beloved ones with prayer, watch old videos, or keep their personal objects in a special place to touch and hold. Perhaps these people feel they do not need proof of the afterlife. Perhaps they see a medium entering into a deep trance state, or travelling to metaphysical places to connect to the spirits of loved ones, as something challenging. Perhaps they are not ready or they believe that it is best to let souls rest in peace. This attitude needs to be respected and understood, the last thing a medium wants is be a missionary for a cause. She will wait for a client to come forward when they need to and only when they are ready, so that the energy is balanced and can flow when and where it is meant to.

Training Courses

A potential medium will have a resilient personality and open mind, plus a concentrated determination to develop her higher purpose. When she asks that question “how to become a medium?” she will seek out training from evolved souls, who are undertaking their teaching mission with dedication. She will want to learn from those who sustain an individual’s spiritual journey and help them understand that inspiration and hope always maintain a vision of an eternal and evolving journey.

Interestingly training courses answering that fulfil the question “how to become a medium?” are ten to the dozen. It is always best to choose a reputable school where high level tutors will not only impart correct techniques, but help an individual cultivate positive outlooks. If our hearts are closed, it is unlikely we will be able to contact the Spirit world in other words.

You see, Spirit asks us to adore “the Light” with the same unquestionable love and faith of a child. If the relationship with Spirit is pure, respectful and spontaneous, mediumship will develop far more easily and that question “how to become a medium” will not even have to be asked as the metaphysical answers will flow automatically to the seeker.

Throughout history mediums were simple folk. Doris Stokes was one of the most famous British mediums of all time. She not only gave hope with her stage mediumship but was a loving and simple woman, who fought to overcome a difficult personal life, and a myriad of health problems. Yet compassion could have been her second name, and her answer to “how to become a medium?” could have been “learn to love others as you love yourself!”