Psychic Reading

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When we opt for a psychic reading we are searching for something within us that we cannot find ourselves, the answer to a question, the reason for our life crises, our incapacity to find a soul mate or earn as much as we would like, etc. When we seek a psychic reading it is usually due to a perception that life is a challenge, or perhaps our feelings of personal isolation are accentuating as we try to overcome severe life difficulties. The reasons for seeking out a psychic reading could be many and varied. In any event, one thing we know for sure is that we usually seek out a psychic reading because we want to understand what the future could bring and if it is really as grim as we perceive it to be.

Much of our life is based on “resonance” which basically means what we think; feel or experience emanates a force field around us that attracts certain people and situations to us. Often when we are going through a change in the way we perceive reality, we fall into crisis on a temporary basis because our “resonance” changes, or shifts from one state to another. We no longer “tune in” as we did before and this can be upsetting because the security of certain relationships or situations seem to be no longer available to us. In other words, we note that our emotional life might not be working as well as we would like. Thus a psychic reading can help us move on from our state of “stuckness” or difficulty, as the empath connects to us with insight and “know how” moving us past feelings of desperation. Why did he not call? Why did I not get the job? Why do I always feel so hopeless? These are all phrases that we might repeat to ourselves and demand solutions for in a psychic reading.

What will a Psychic Pick Up On?

During a psychic reading sometimes the empath will pick up on childhood issues and see that certain past events still affect us, especially when we relate to another in a loving connection. In fact, love tends to bring up all that is unlike it. So we are shocked to see ourselves screaming at the very person we adore, seemingly trying to distance them, even holding back from opening out our lives out to them and when they leave us we ask for a psychic reading to find out when they will come back? We might wonder why we act in such odd ways. Sometimes it is because we are unaware of the deeper aspects of our own personalities, or even how powerful we are and how much we can intervene positively in our own destiny. We are inclined to believe that a destined meeting is written in the stars. It is, but how we handle it when it does arrive is based on our own decisions, free will and attitudes, rather than our fate.


In order to help us during a psychic reading the empath will connect to her throat chakra centre, for guidance and second sight. The throat is the fifth chakra and symbolizes connection to Higher Will in the form of spirit guides or even our own guardian angel. Most empaths who are gifted at doing a psychic reading, will relate to the fourth chakra also, or the heart centre, which focuses on love, or our own capacity to understand and have compassion for ourselves. The fourth chakra, builds trust and openness into most relationships. In other words, the psychic will seek to “resonate” with your heart, thus helping you find solutions with spirit guidance and her own caring vibrations.

Learning to resonate with our own needs and understanding them is part of being human. Sometimes, we just miss the point and need a psychic reading to get us back on track to ourselves. We might need to learn to accept ourselves more, and in so doing accept others, in fact any evolved empath carrying out a psychic reading will remind us of that fact. A good psychic will tell us how to react healthily to our problems. To allow others to be who they are without trying to change them. To keep our options open, by accepting that living in the “now” is the first key to happiness. As we end the self criticism and accept our life fully without trying to run away from it, we trust, we enjoy ourselves more and we get excited about the wonders of life again. In other words, we are grateful.

A psychic reading will help us to connect to those difficult spaces within and lead us to some sort of resolution in that process. That is for sure!