Tarot Readings On Line

When you go for tarot readings on line you might contact a psychic, or medium who works for the police. Sometimes she will be called Remote Viewer. Often she will not tell you this in so many words, as a psychic that does tarot readings on line is not really permitted to reveal any personal information, but many of us are aware psychics and empaths have been used by the US army for remote viewing and have helped find “the disappeared!” on behalf of the police. In fact contributing medianic skills towards a tarot readings on line will probably be a relief for a psychic who “works hand in glove” with crime units who deal with violent crime.

Perth Reports recently distributed fascinating information about a very unusual case, which has also been documented in the Sunday Times. The article in The Times refers to one of Australia’s most prominent psychics, a certain Debbie Malone Someone like Debbie will probably not be doing tarot readings on line at this point in the proceedings, she is far too involved with the Australian police in other matters. But the fact is she is a powerful enough empath to have been consulted by the “Force” regarding the “unsolved murder of a young mother called Mrs. Rayney.”

Perth Reports quoted the Australian Sunday Times as follows: “Mrs. Rayney, contacted Ms Malone in spirit after Malone was given a copy of Mrs. Rayney’s diary as an “energy source” from which she could pick up past, present and future events.” By the way, for those who are not in the know, psychometry is based on holding an object and connecting to the morphic field around it. It is a way of working with Spirit and is often utilized when empaths or Remote Viewers are seeking information regarding a missing person, or facts around a murder or kidnap case.

The Sunday Times also stated that Mrs. Malone revealed her role in the Rayney investigation in Never Alone: A Medium’s Journey. It documents the Sydney-based psychic’s work with police forces across Australia, including the NSW Missing Persons Unit.

“Mrs. Rayney, the murder victim disappeared after a boot scooting dance class at Bentley Community Centre. Her body was discovered a week later in a bush grave at Kings Park after her silver Ford Fairmont was found dumped in Kershaw St, Subiaco. Police controversially named Mrs. Rainey’s husband, prominent lawyer Lloyd Rayney, as the “prime” and “only” suspect in the murder, but he has vehemently denied any involvement in the death of his wife and is suing police.

Malone said her first contact with Mrs. Rayne was as follows. She showed me that she drove a silver vehicle and that she was extremely upset about her children. She then began to show me how she had died and I felt a very sudden pain in the right-hand side of my head. I started to see visions of the woman’s two children and the sadness she felt about not being with them as they grew up.””

Detectives have never revealed the precise cause of death or information about any injuries. Malone was also reluctant to comment in detail about the information she gave police, saying she did not want to compromise the homicide investigation. “She was a great mum”. Malone said, “That’s what came through — that she just loved her girls and that they need to know the truth.” Malone said she had included her experience in her book as an example of how she could pinpoint a “murder scene without any (previous) knowledge of it”.

Obviously, the power of some mediums is more than just “intense”, and if you happen upon one such “Sensitive” during your tarot readings on line session, you could count us lucky! In fact many empaths who utilize tarot to unravel complex issues around a difficult murder case, will obviously be capable at understanding emotional blockages and see your future clearly So next time you dial that tarot readings online number, or switch into the internet, realize that you might talk to a “Remote Viewing” psychic who can pick up astounding detail. Now that is not an event to miss out on!