Psychic Art

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Suzanne would find out all about psychic art when she walked into the New Age Book shop looking for answers. She was seeking to buy a book on life after death, anything that would help her understand a tragic loss that had occurred years back. What would happen in that bookshop would change her life forever. As she was perusing the shelves, an older man opened the door and stepped into the shop. He was a handsome fellow, and obviously well known to the manager who greeted him with much ado, and the two immediately began to chat away like old friends. Suzanne continued to thumb through the books. Unable to find what she was looking for, she decided to look around the shelves near the cash desk. At that point, she saw the man draw a piece of paper out of his jacket pocket and say to the manager with a friendly grin, “I tuned into this spirit last night! Do you know anyone like that honey? He died in the sea! He was a bit of a sea dog!”

The manager shook her head but Suzanne’s ears picked up; her husband had been tragically drowned. He had adored the ocean, spending every available spare moment, deep within its currents. She whispered “Hello, my name is Suzanne; Sorry to interrupt, I hope you do not mind if I look at that piece of paper?” The older man said nothing he just smiled as he handed her the drawing, as if he knew his question had been answered. What Suzanne saw drawn on that piece of paper made her so faint she had to sit down. The picture was a soft crayon depiction of her husband Jeff, correct in every detail! The same wavy hair, broad face, horn rimmed glasses and sweet smile. She could not get over it. She was soon to realize she had just made contact with psychic art and the well known medium who had channelled that image was a psychic artist who had popped into the New Age shop, seemingly by coincidence!

Coral Polge

Coral Polge was one of the more famous mediums who utilized psychic art to channel the other dimensions. Coral was originally from the UK. She dedicated her whole life to psychic art, drawing pictures of those who had passed on with incredible dexterity. The accuracy of her drawings was considered astounding. The power of her psychic art was known all over the world, and the images she so spontaneously manifested, and painstakingly depicted, gave great comfort to many grieving souls. A famous “Coral” story was when a lady requested a portrait from Coral, and when it arrived by post, she had no idea who was depicted on it. A few days later a lady friend came to visit and saw the picture Coral had channelled on a piece of paper. She shouted “Where on earth did you get that picture of my father!”

Sometimes psychic art depicts the faces of spirit guides. The evolved psychic tunes in with the enlightened intention of making her crayons available to any spirit wanting to be depicted by an artist. Sometimes the pictures themselves are astounding, even shocking, as spirit guides could be folks we knew on this earth, folks who are now want to help guide us through our material lives.

Psychic art is a rare phenomenon. Few mediums are able to access the complexities it entails. But it is an exciting metaphysical phenomenon that proves the everlasting journey of the soul. The portraits of those who have passed on can be surprisingly exact, and give indisputable proof that there is a continuum of soul’s existence, but also a need for the departed to communicate beyond our concepts of reality. Those who are lucky enough to encounter psychic art, never remain the same again, their consciousness is transformed for the rest of their days!