Love Readings

37701908lovereadingLonely hearts depend on love readings to guide them through their dark nights of the soul, when he didn’t ring, when she walked out the door, when one wonders whether one will ever find someone to love again.

We have all been through phases of choosing one wrong partner after another. Love readings give us support in these times. The psychic sends us positive vibes; sometimes she tells us that we need to spiritualize our thinking. Sometimes we wonder what she is talking about especially when she infers that “thought creates our reality”. She senses we are unaware we have options, especially since science and spirituality are drawing closer together and proving that we can change what is not working through awareness of how energy works.


Let us explain. Scientists have been telling us for some time that how we think creates our reality with their Quantum/Morphic Field theories. In short, next time you go on a date, and “know” that it is not going to work out, because first dates never do work for you, be sure that the evening will probably end up a complete disaster and you will be back on line seeking out love readings before one can say “Dial Dateline.” But you do not have to continue this way, really! Now, to find out why, read the next paragraph and stay tuned.

Psychotherapeutic Theories

Other than base line psychotherapeutic theories that confirm changing our state of mind will also change our world, are you aware that the scientific contingent is now proving that creative thinking and the Law of Attraction are best friends? This Law of Attraction assures us that if we are certain that the date will work out, it probably will and if it doesn’t something else will. In other words the next date! Adam K Anderson is a professor of psychology at the University of Canada and he tells us that his experiments have proved our state of mind has a powerful influence on our reality. So if we believe in a God force, and that this “force” unifies all sentient beings, be sure that God will make Himself felt in our lives.

The Senses

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine your five senses are not functioning, and then ask the question “does the world still exist even though I cannot see it?” You will probably say yes, but scientists maintain that the universe needs you to see it! Within “consciousness” there is a vibrant invisible dimension of microscopic atoms, particles, molecules and photons maintaining that what we perceive as reality usually is! The famous quantum physicist Dr Gaswani explains “objects, or what we see of them, are simply possibilities that expand into more than one place at the same time, simply because they are carried through by the observer’s perception of where light particles, or waves of reality, are actually going!” So therefore everything is indeed vibrating particles and a series of options and “possibilities” about what we choose to manifest, which might mean we could also change our love karma. In other words if you are the type who sees beauty in the British climate, i.e. rain, grey skies, etc, Britain will be a great place for you to thrive, rather than let us say sunny Spain. Another example is rather than expecting a repetitive pattern of love disappointments, you need love readings to get through, try expecting a miracle of love, or at least diverse possibilities to the one you are used to, or keep on repeating.

If consciousness is the basis of “beingness”, as Quantum Physics implies, then materiality is simply that consciousness expressing itself in the physical world. What we need to do is let go of a narrow choice to determine our new reality. In other words if we are constantly telephoning a potential hot date because we are sure he is “the one”, he is liable to run the other direction because we are narrowing down his and our options. Perhaps he does not want to be “the one” but just “one of the ones”, or even “our husband” or even show us that he could never be “the one” because another “one” is about to pop up for us. In other words, we might limit the outcome due to our “perceptions”. Reaching for the creme de menthe? Cannot take anymore? We understand but hang on just one more minute.

 Dr Robert Sheldrake

Dr Robert Sheldrake is a highly esteemed scientist and expert on the morphic field resonance theory. He has studied at Cambridge and has a PhD in biochemistry. Currently he is the director of a project administered by Cambridge University to research unexplained human and animal abilities. He is the author of more than 75 paper and ten books.

He has proved morphic residence as a reality. Morphic resonance is a memory system influenced by the past and future. It is based on similarity patterns that apply to atoms, molecules, societies, brains, planets and galaxies. According to morphic resonance, all species draw on a collective memory that contributes to memories feeding into repetitive behaviour. If we want to change our memories, we must change our morphic field i.e. change our memories of “bad dates” “a miserable love life” and “a series of divorces”. We need to work at lifting our consciousness to new love heights in other words because by modifying our beliefs we change our lives for the better.

Okay, we hear you say, “This is far too high brow for me!” let’s get back to the issue of love readings. We advise you to seek out love readings on line, but as you dial a number or speak to an empath, as your Higher Self to choose a reader who will see positive possibilities for your future and advise you to let go of your programmed romantic angst, and expect a love miracle! Go on, give it a go! Resign from the Lonely Hearts Club today!