Psychic Reader

30387876happinessAwakening to our Life Purpose

Any psychic reader “worth their salt” will tell us that “Awakening to our life Purpose” is a vital component of happiness. A sensitive psychic reader knows that if we want to be happy, we must realize everything is vibration, everything is energy. A psychic reader would explain that our true destiny is infinite love, happiness and contentment. A psychic reader is also aware we only use 4 percent of our brain capacity and that capacity needs to expand! They would tell us that humanity’s lesson is to become attentive to thoughts, and how our social conditioning influences our lives. Our subconscious mind is full of programmed beliefs, rather like “tapes” whirling around our brains. If we are not aware of this, we could carry our unconscious emotional patterns on a day to day basis and those patterns will ruin our relationships and block our contentment. In other words, to change we need to “unlearn” who we “think” we are. Getting in touch with the core belief that causes negative feelings is on3 basis for changing our future. Transforming a negative thought shifts our destiny to positive. In other words a psychic reader will tell you we can indeed experience a greater, grander lifestyle. But to do this we need to maintain positive thoughts.

Paranormal Talent

A psychic reader recognizes their own paranormal talent. They are also aware that far more people “sense” from a metaphysical angle than we could imagine. In fact a vast array of ordinary people have had abnormal experiences, paranormal sensations that have changed what is possible for them. Many of those people hail from the medical profession due to their daily dealings with death.

True Story

From American Nurse Today Date: March 2009 Vol. 3 Num. 3 quote “Beth Wechler. A young paediatric nurse answered the phone at the nurses’ station and was told to go to the lobby where a gravely ill patient was being admitted. She went down to find a little boy in blue, pink, and white pyjamas. When she looked at the boy, she realized she had cared for him and she knew he would die from cancer the next day. The boy came gratefully into her arms. At the hospital, she told her supervisor about her dream. Then the phone rang and her dream began to unfold. The child was in the hospital lobby, dressed in the blue, pink, and white pyjamas. He came into her arms and by the next day, he was dead.”

The psychic reader will experience similar extrasensory experiences; the medium’s expertise is to connect to visions of life after death on a regular basis. An interesting fact is that polls conducted by the University of Chicago in 1989 showed that as many as half the American population has experienced a near death experience or connected to a beloved one or relative who has passed on.

But the secret that every psychic reader knows is not really a secret at all! That secret is the transformational power of love. Love can heal the most desperate situations, give hope, untie emotional and physical problems, make peace in war torn realities, whether they be domestic or international. The power of love accepts the difference between races and peoples, cares about suffering, gives rather than takes and emanates out of a responsive psychic reader to guide us on our true way. We are all learning to access that love, forgive and let go of what no longer serves us. Educational programming, challenging familial patterns sabotage us all, they are patterns that a gifted psychic reader will pick up and try to guide us away from.

The fact is we could be our own worst enemies for by not believing in the power of love, we halt our growth and become blocked and angry people. It is time to change. Any psychic reader could tell you that pushing the boundaries of reality could be a way of letting go of what we think we know. What if we could really choose to live a happy life based on optimistic and positive belief systems? Now that is a prospect we take on board!