Karma And Free Tarot Readings

36945266florencenightingaleWere you aware that being mean not only makes us the type of geek nobody likes to hang out with, it does nothing for our future? We will explain. You might have often asked yourself why bad things happen to good people? Why a person dies young? Why another suffers a terminal illness? Why a man loses all his money? Blame it on Karma! Karma is a spiritual law based on our thoughts and actions. The premise is that we are a soul evolving through eternity, and in that guise we incarnate on this planet many times, as different personalities. For example, if we had incarnated as Attila the Hun in the past, this life might be somewhat of an uphill struggle, due to Attila’s “bad boy” actions coming back to haunt us. If we had been a loving person, like Florence Nightingale in a past life, our good actions would bring us peace and inner equanimity in this life. In other words, evil begets evil! Good begets good! It certainly does not pay to be wicked since our thoughts and actions are like pebbles thrown into a pool, their ripples affecting our reality throughout time! If we are kind and loving, a few malevolent muck ups might be overlooked. But if we are mean critters and continue to bug our fellow man, we will eventually end up with egg on our face, in this life or another. The simple rule of Karmic Law is that there are consequences to everything we do and think. However our “attitude” can help us out, especially if we are willing to learn life’s lessons and wakeup to the mystery of existence! Meditation helps, as does spiritual perceptions, they sort of tidy up our destiny as it were. The goodness we cultivate in our hearts will also alleviate past mistakes. The universe is forgiving, and wants our happiness after all. Divine Love works through us, and is attracted to generous actions, helpful attitudes, and refined perceptions.

“Love thy enemy” was not a phrase caste to the winds. It teaches us that vengeance, resentment, nastiness, cruelty etc, go absolutely nowhere. Indeed, we can compensate our mean spiritedness with peaceful thoughts, and compassion. The trouble is that many of us walk through life in a haze, perfectly unaware of the metaphysical dynamics holding the universe together. But when a few difficulties knock us off our perches, we are inconsolable. Why did the love of our life dump us? Why did we lose all our money down the bingo hall? Some of us might realise that we cannot control the way our lives go. If we are curious enough to want to know what our Karma is, we could opt for a tarot or psychic reading. An Astrologer can also analyse the underlying causes of Karmic consequences for us, as frequently our destiny is written in the stars! Possessing the gift of seeing beyond the veil certainly helps gifted individuals tune into our energy fields. If we wanted, we could opt for a free tarot reading, which is usually mechanised online. Obviously we will not get the same soulful response to our questions, as a free tarot reading cannot delve into the profundities of Karmic actions.

What a free tarot reading can do is present an image, like a photo, of our present life condition. But for a deeper awareness of how Karmic law works, the more curious amongst us might want to turn to a spiritual counsellor rather than a free tarot service. In any event to understand the significance of causes and effects unfolding in our lives, we might ask ourselves if we really believe our existence is no more than a physical manifestation. It does not matter if new science attempts to explain the mystery of life through Quantum Physics and the String Theory, the fact is, Karma will never stop its inexorable passage through our lives and incarnations. All karma does is seek justice; all it wants is to balance the scales. If we choose good thoughts over bad, if we seek to alleviate another’s suffering, if we put aside our egoism and do our best to build a positive future for humanity, we will alleviate past negative actions that cause us so much pain and suffering, and manifest the love in our lives and the lives of others. That is good Karma! For as we give so shall we receive, as we think so we are, as we love so we heal. Karmic law is that simple, once we understand it!