Psychic Protection


Medjugorje is a small mountain village in the region of Bosnia, Herzegovina. In June 1981, Ivanka Ivankovic age 15, and Mirjana Dragicevic age 16, were walking home when they saw what looked like a bright lady standing on a nearby hill. The girls returned to the same spot a couple of days later with Vicka Ivankovic age 16, Ivan Dragivevic age 16, Maria Pavlovic age 16 and Jakov Colo age 10. The bright lady would transform before their very eyes. She became a beautiful white figure beckoning to them, the children were carried away by the beauty of this “being” who called herself the Queen of Peace. Medjugorje is now a place of peace in this troubled world, a place of peace and miracles!

But the question is, did these young people have some sort of special psychic protection from above that enabled them to see what others could not? Can psychic protection be channelled into the human spirit by universal, sacred energies? Are the continuing miracles occurring within the Bosnian village of Medjugorje to do with some sort of “divine” purpose connected to the visions themselves, or a miraculous plan that has continued to unfold in this lovely village in the middle of nowhere? Tim Clark, a down to earth, former Military strategist, says the same types of stories have been told about Medjugorje by simple folk from all over the world, people who have visited the village to seek healing and give credence to the fact that something supernatural is happening.

Divine Intervention

One could say psychic protection and divine intervention are at work here, because the astounding facts speak for themselves. Firstly, not one Medjugorje villager recruited into the Croatian army died in the front lines during the 1990s Former Yugoslavian civil war. Secondly, when Serbian pilots dropped cluster bombs on Medjugorge, not one bomb went off. In other words the village went through a devastating war but escaped destruction. Could this have been due to the apparitions, or was divine intervention channelling into the consciousness of the villagers transforming their awareness and stimulating a natural psychic protection?

Tim Clark says he is convinced Medjugorje remained untouched during that terrible conflict because of the sacred aspirations of the “Queen of Peace”. Nowadays thousands of sick people from all over the world go to the village to heal because they believe in the “mystical visions” and miracles that have occurred there. In fact, there are many stories of unexplained healings that hail from Medjugorje. Photos and film footage has been distributed around the world showing lights in the sky, or strange, brilliant flashes appearing around the statues of the Queen of Peace.

From a metaphysical perspective it could be said both psychic protection and mystical interventions are occurring in Medjugorje. But we will leave you to make up your own mind, as you read the words Vicka Ivankovic aged 16 spoke, as she described her experience back in the nineteen eighties. “The other children asked me to come closer. I was afraid. I must not even look at them especially not at the hill where Our Lady was. While I was standing there at the spot wondering where I would go, suddenly something very strong possessed me and in a moment I was beside them. When I came close to them I did not at first look straight to the hill. They were telling me, “Come on Vicka, look, Our Lady is waving at us, while keeping something in her hand.” I was afraid. I was afraid to look towards the hill. Then suddenly, maybe with the grace of God, I looked at the hill and Our Lady was there in front of us.”

Whatever the explanation for Vicka’s story, psychic protection, divine intervention, the Divine Plan, there is no doubt that something extraordinary is occurring in Medjugorje!