How to Protect Your Space


Some think Global Warming, financial collapse and war are likely conclusions to humanity’s history. Some feel we need protection to survive and when things go very wrong, that God has picked on them, still others know they can make good things happen if they expand their positive thoughts. Scientists say we can process millions of thoughts per second in fact! Now that is a miracle in itself, so why not accept there are many possibilities within us and out there too! It is just a question of honing into positive energy and re-evaluating our reality.

Psychics, Mediums and Healers

Psychics, Mediums and Healers heighten positive energy with prayers, invocations and visualizations. They connect to the powers of heaven, to the protective forces. You can do the same; nothing can stop you. It might mean you need to change your thoughts a little, learn to believe that your own light-filled energy emanations can pull more positivity into your life, but when you realize the mystical is your true birth right and already lies within you, life becomes so very magical. So sit down a minute, and ask that beings of light, beings of goodness stand by you and open your mind to the fact that the miraculous can happen!


A very simple method of protecting yourself from negative thoughts is to imagine that you have a Blue velvet cloak wrapped around you, its hood covers your head and it stretches down to your feet. Just close your eyes a few seconds and feel its warmth. Sense its colour and the force of its protection. Imagine stroking the velvet and feelings its softness and beauty. This system is effective, especially when you are “angsting out” or walking down a crowded street.

Another method of protecting yourself is to visualize you are surrounded by an egg shaped Aura that stretches about 12 feet around you from head to foot. The Auric egg is spun light and reflects such strong, protective forces; negative energies cannot touch you. This is useful when you are being verbally attacked, or you feel overcome by life’s challenges. It will give you a feeling of security.

Saying “Stay with me today” to an imagined sacred deity can also materialize great results. Ask the entity to hold you safe. They could be Mother Mary, Mother Teresa. Jesus, Buddha, or your own personal guide. You could choose someone you admire, or even Superman! What you need to be sure of is that the energy you invoke is one you trust and believe in. As you connect to their love and power, positive thought waves will flow within your mind body and soul. In other words, play with life, become a child to enter the Kingdom of Heaven! Play is not only a wonderful way of opening new doors to your creativity, it helps you accept the beauty around you, and believe in miracles!

When you invoke protection, or desire a wish to manifest, place your left hand over your heart, upholding your allegiance to goodness. Empty yourself of expectations, do not let fears and conditioning thoughts intimidate you. Leave your life open to infinite possibilities instead. Take no notice of the “cant’s, shouldn’t and have not’s!”

Write three wishes on a piece of paper and then open your front door in the early morning, making sure the neighbours are still asleep of course! Imagine Angels walking through the door carrying your wishes on silver trays, and placing them in pivotal areas of your living space, when the Angels leave, light a White candle for six days and six nights. On the sixth night burn the paper with the three wishes, and put the ashes in a plant, or vase. You will be surprised at the effects of such creative imagination.

Whether you are a spiritual person or not, you can overcome life’s challenges with positive consciousness and creative ideas, even using your imagination to transform negative perceptions. The force of your heartfelt, loving actions and feelings makes miracles happen indeed. Even though your mind has managed to scare you, nag you and worry you up to now, realise you can turn it around and use it to make you laugh and to believe in yourself.

To read more about the positivity of creative imagination buy a copy of the best selling The Secret. You will learn all about the Law of Attraction and how thoughts are creative. Start with a few simple exercises in the book and you will see how the results start manifesting. In other words, tweak your consciousness here and there, and expect a miracle! We have come to this world to manifest the positive, go deep into yourself and change the thoughts that hold you back therefore and see the difference in your life quality.