Psychic Fairs

34848709psychicfairPsychic fairs are fun, but Susanna Levin’s story demonstrates that they can also be life transforming!

Susanna was a professional secretary and she looked the part; perfectly turned out, never a hair out of place, her desk super organized, her pencils neatly sharpened. And yet, Susanna kept a rose quartz in a draw of her desk and a magnet under her chair cushion. She wore a crystal pendant under her shirt and sprayed her working area with Bach Flower remedies when nobody was looking. Why? Well Susanna Levin was an admirer of the supernatural and attended psychic fairs on a regular basis. She had started going to psychic fairs when her boyfriend Jerry dumped her for another, her broken heart ached; the pain of her loss was eating her up inside. She only managed to find comfort having free head and shoulder massages at the local psychic fairs and then out of curiosity followed up with tarot card and palm readings, even though they scared her half to death. She always hoped the clairvoyants at the psychic fairs would say it was not over with Jerry after all, that he would come back. They never did, so she tried a couple of numerologists and an astrologer, who took down her name, her date of birth and checked out her astro/numerological compatibility charts, yet their predictions were more than abysmal. Susanna gave it one more shot with a wacky looking tea leaf reader, and a crystal ball scryer, but no matter how many psychic fairs she attended the answer was always, “let it drop, he isn’t worth it!”

Susanna started getting hooked on “all that was psychic” and began to attend some of the workshops available at the larger psychic fairs. She did a couple of “How to Heal with Crystals” workshops, which she loved. She followed those up by attending three “How to Read the Tarot” seminars. In fact, every time she visited one of those psychic fairs, she discovered something even more fascinating about herself, and her life started to take off in inspiring, new directions. She made wonderful, spiritual type friends, she practiced what she knew on her family and helped her mum ease a pain in her knee with a crystal healing session. She started feeling far more positive, she started laughing more. She read books like The Secret, and got into creative manifestation and affirmations. She was galvanized and utterly enchanted by this new reality she had discovered.

Mind, Body and Spirit Festival

But Susanna Levin did not know that the psychic fairs she attended would not only heal her life, but transform it forever. Granted, she was beginning to understand her soul’s mission and realize why she had always chosen men who were never there for her. As she got more involved in the magic of crystal healing, she began to liberate herself from sad childhood memories. She began to glow, became more beautiful, funnier and great to know. One day she was waiting to have a free head and shoulder massage at one of her favourite psychic fairs, the famous Mind, Body and Spirit Festival in London. She had travelled down from the north of England to be there and had booked into a small bed and breakfast nearby. She started chatting to a blonde guy called Jon, who said he was from Liverpool, not far from where she lived. He had a beautiful voice, a handsome face and he emanated charisma and made her laugh till tears ran down her cheeks. He said he was learning Thai massage so that he could help others as much as he had been helped. He said he wanted to open up his own healing studio. He said he had been coming to psychic fairs for three years and they had completely changed his perspective on reality. The result of that meeting was that both Susanna and Jon fell in love and started attending psychic fairs together. Susanna subsequently decided to do a Thai massage training course and a professional Crystal Healer Course so she could join Jon as his partner in his new Natural Healthcare Studio in Liverpool.

Jon and Susanna bought a flat together and got married in Thailand. When she left her secretarial post, Susanna made sure the pink quartz crystal stayed in the desk draw and the magnet remained under the cushion on her chair. She gave the office space a last spray of Bach Flower Rescue Remedy, as usual when nobody was looking and blew a secret kiss to her past as she walked out the door! Who knows what that would do for the new incumbent, she thought; perhaps they would start going to psychic fairs too and transform their lives?!