Free Tarot Cards

19017821giftA gift of free tarot cards, or used tarot cards, could be a “metaphysical risk” Many empaths claim that free tarot cards could be touched by the previous owner’s energy, and therefore will dissipate the strength of one’s own readings. Could it be that if we do not choose a new pack ourselves, they lose magical significance? Free tarot cards could come in various formats, such as a gift offering from friends, an inheritance, or a friendly psychic suddenly deciding to gift us with free tarot cards out of the goodness of her heart. So essentially, why not use them?

Using free tarot cards can be fun if we enjoy going through the process of clearing them so that they absorb our own energy. We can hold them in our hand as we place it on our heart saying a prayer to serve others and clear the cards of any excess energy. We can swipe them through incense, or keep them under a glass of holy water to clear. Or we can “pooh pooh” the experts and accept them as they are, integrating the previous user’s energy into our readings. Whatever system we decide on, and above all believe in, the personal gift of a pack of free tarot cards could heighten our understanding of “energies”.

True Story

Debbie was given some free tarot cards by a perfect stranger at a music festival. They were a pack of cards she had always adored, the Hanson Roberts deck known for its rather naive, and magical representation. She was delighted, but she too had a heard that free tarot cards come with some “metaphysical baggage”. The free tarot cards were a bit earmarked and some were very faded indeed, she wondered whether she would ever be able to use them when she read for her best mates, or whether she should just keep them as a momentum of that fun festival. However as the weeks passed Debbie did not clear them instead, she became magnetically drawn to that pack of free tarot cards sitting on her shelf. She decided to use them in a reading for herself. As she took them out of their box she was overcome with a mystical feeling. As she laid them out, one by one, she saw that the Hierophant was positively positioned and the outcome was The World. It was clear, the Hierophant was an enlightened and wise being helping her out and the World was an opening of her personal universe. She had to pinch herself, could this be true? The cards seemed to become even more alive, vibrating with wisdom every time she used them. Their faded colours were irrelevant, for the figures and symbols jumped out at her, and touched her inner knowing. She started reading for her friends, and the cards gave such exact interpretations her mates gasped. “Debs honey, what happened? Your readings are amazing!” In fact, her readings with that pack of free tarot cards “hit the jackpot” every time and complete strangers started coming to see her, willing to pay her whatever she asked.

One day, whilst skimming through a New Age magazine she was galvanized by a photo of a healer, a mystical woman who apparently had astounding healing abilities and was becoming very well known. She had heard of the lady but had never seen her photo before. She immediately recognized that woman as the stranger who had gifted her with the free tarot cards at the music festival. Suddenly it all became clear. The healer had decided to give her those cards as a symbolic action, perhaps on behalf of a Higher Power. Debbie realized those free tarot cards were blessed and would continue to protect and enhance her life. In fact Debbie has now become a fully fledged healer, and uses the cards as guidance every time she works with an individual her success rate is phenomenal. We have changed the name of the lady concerned to Debbie to protect her identity, but her life is indeed an inspiration to many! The lesson? Sometimes we need to go beyond what others say about a situation, and use our own instincts to interpret a reality.

So next time someone decides they are fed up with the esoteric and hands you a pack of free tarot cards as a gift, you might be in luck, more luck than you can possibly imagine!